Rangers best 'Blazers

  The Annual Johnson County Hall of Fame Classic tipped off Friday night with several teams showing their abilities along with gaining respect.
  In the first contest on the evening, it was the living legend Bobby Snyder of Daniel Boone paired up against the coaching dynasty, Unaka's Donald Ensor.
  When it was all said and done, the Rangers proved why their were able to nab the Class A state title last season by beating an always tough and well-coached Boone club, 54-45.
  "Bobby Snyder is a great coach, and I respect him tremendously. He runs a good, clean program," said Ensor. "They played hard and we played hard, and it was a good game for everybody to watch."
  Unaka led by the end of the first period 18-12, as Tyler McCann led the way with seven points after connecting on a three-point goal.
  McCann finished with 16 points, knocking down eight of 10 attempts from the foul line, to lead all scorers.
  Chase Reeves hit his second three-point basket of the game to lead the Rangers to a 29-18 advantage by halftime.
  "Boone is a heck of a defensive team and they play defense fundamentally, so I was happy we could do some things on offense," Ensor said. "We're still not fully in shape like I want us to be, but you can't simulate game speed in practice. I was still pretty well pleased with how we played as a whole."
  Three treys were converted by Reeves, who finished with 12 points.
  The Trailblazers were not able to close the gap any during the fourth period, as they had trouble stopping the Rangers big man Rusty Holtsclaw inside.
  After holding a 41-28 lead at the end of the third period, Boone was unable to make the rally as Lowe knocked down a three from outside and McCann sank free throws down the stretch.
  "This is a young team and we need a lot of young players to step up and do their job, but I thought the most impressive thing tonight was everybody played within their roles and played it well," said Ensor. "It's early and everybody still has their kinks that we need to shake out, but we were pleased with our guys effort."
  Knox Bearden 63
  Sullivan East 47
  Knox Bearden never found its on the trailing end in their victory over Sullivan East.
  Bearden jumped out to a 17-8 lead in the first quarter of play, going on an 11-2 run at the end of the period.
  "We shot the ball real well tonight and were able to get some fast breaks going, but East is a good ball club and a team to be reckoned with in their league," said Knox Bearden coach Mark Blevins.
  Cody Shipley provided what little offense the Patriots had, as he dumped in six points inside.
  The second period was dominated by Bearden's Tony White and Nathan England.
  The Bulldogs were led by England, who finished with 19 points on the evening while White added 15 total.
  "We're a small team, and have only have one kid over six foot, who is just 6-1, but we do have some good quickness and real quick hands," said Blevins.
  Bearden took a 28-15 lead by halftime, but Sullivan East managed to stay within striking distance.
  A great second half from Dusty Craig enabled the Patriots to not lose any ground during the third period, as he finished as the game's high scorer with 20 points, with 18 of them coming the second-half.
  East still trailed 45-33 heading into the final period and a couple of quick baskets from Craig pulled them to within eight.
  It was all Bearden in the final six minutes, as it went on to cruise to a 16-point victory.
  "Anytime you come up here you have good competition, so we're looking forward to coming back here," said Blevins. "It's always nice to come back home."
  Greeneville 57
  Johnson County 23
  It was not a good outing for the Johnson County Longhorns, a team looking to rebuild.
  The Greene Devils got rolling right off the bat, while the Longhorns struggled coming out of the gate.
  "When you give up 17 offensive rebounds, then you're not going to win many ball games. We're having trouble rebounding right now," said Johnson County coach Austin Atwood. "We're young, inexperienced and physically weak, and it's going to take them some time to figure out what we need to be doing."
  Greeneville built a 12-0 lead during the first four and a half minutes before Mitch Harper finally connected on a couple of baskets inside.
  The Longhorns trailed 14-6 by the end of the first quarter, but a good defensive effort in the second period kept them relatively close.
  A three-point goal from Alex Genille cut the Johnson County deficit to five, but a 12-4 run at the end of the period by the Greene Devils put them up 27-15 at the half.
  It was a horrible third period for Johnson County, which was unsuccessful in finding a go-to guy and spark some offense.
  The Longhorns were outscored 20-2 in the third period, as it started the same way as the first quarter.
  "We're not getting shots off and I think we only took four shots during the third quarter, and for the game we just took 27," Atwood said. "We had just 27 shots and 32 turnovers, so that speaks for itself."
  Greeneville came out scoring the first 11 points, while Johnson County captured just two free-throws coming from Genille and Jon Stout.
  Andrew Shumate finished the period with a bucket, as he led the Greene Devils in scoring with 21 points.
  The Longhorns continued to struggle on offense during the last period by only being able to add eight points and being held to under 25 total throughout the contest.
  "We've got two kids back from last year, and a new transfer in and a kid that was ineligible, so we've started all over again from a district team that won the championship last year," said Greeneville coach Billy Duncan. "We wasn't that good last year, but this team has potential to be pretty good."