Hunter snares pair of wins at Little Milligan

Photo by John Bryant
Hunter’s Cody Cornett gets set to turn loose a jump shot as Little Milligan’s Travis Potter plays tough defense.

  Rebecca Pierson
  Asst. Sports Editor
  Hunter traveled up to Little Milligan Thursday night for some hardcourt action, and the Buffaloes suffered at the hands of the Tigers in both girls and boys action.
  The Lady Tigers took the game over in the second quarter with their tough press and walked off the court with a 34-15 win.
  "The press did extremely well," Lady Tigers head coach Tammy Taylor said. "We have been working really hard on cutting off the sidelines. We had some ladies that came off the bench like Rachel Lowe, Kayla Long, Victoria Bowers. We have four girls that have strep. Andrea Lewis, our team captain and our momentum on the team, had to leave at halftime. She became ill.
  "For an overall team that is running temperatures and being sick, I was pleased with them. This is probably the most consistant game that we have played, offensivley and defensively.
  "We really worked on our free throws since we missed 22 the other night. We like to press but other people press us. We done well making the press tonight. Usually we get ourselves in trouble. I was real worried when Andrea went out about getting the basketball down the court. We had some girls really step up tonight and play.
  The Lady Buffaloes and Lady Tigers got off to a slow start, but Hunter's Brittany Nidiffer got on the boards first with a jumper, then Jessica Bradley took an inbound pass for another shot. Then Chelsea Anderson went to the boards for a Hunter 6-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.
  Little Miligan got on the board first in the second quarter when Kelly Stout was sent to the free-throw line for one and went to the line again before the quarter was up for another 1-of-2 for a 14-2 halftime score.
  Both teams came out ready to hit the boards, but Little Milligan's Brandy Campbell took it to the board first. Then Kayla Winters of Hunter went in for two for a 16-4 lead. From there, Winters got a pass from Hannah Colbaugh on the inside for the layup.
  Stout then went to the free throw line for one but then Winters came underneath for a jumper twice in a row. Nidiffer then hit the backboard and Rachel Lowe went 2-for-2 at the line for a 26-5 gain.
  At the buzzer, Little Milligan's Marvel came up from inside for a last minute score to start off the third.
  Both teams both teams would stack on eight points in the fourth quarter but the Lady Buffaloes couldn't recover from the 19-point deficit.
  "(Lady Buffs) Coach Cable is a good guy He has got some top-notch girls," Taylor said. "They work hard for him. I like to come up here. The atmosphere is good and the people are good."
  For Little Milligan, Stout was the only team member sent to the line all night as she went 3-for-8. Both Marvel and Campbell posted up two field goals and Mollie McQueen put in one.
  Winters lead the Lady Tigers squad with 14 points. Nidiffer knocked in three field goals while Colbaugh put up four points. Rachel Lowe went 2-for-2 at the line.
  "We are improving tremendously," Lady Buffs head coach David Cable said. "We played defense well. We ran our press well. We just can't score. That has been a problem all year and it continues to be a problem. But you can expect that with a bunch of young girls out there onthe court. We just need to learn to score and I hope it comes. We had open shots, we just couldn't get it in there.
  "Kelly Stout had her best game at poitn guard of the year. She was in control a lot more than she has been. Brittany Marvel stepped it up on the inside for us there at the end. We haven't had that presence on the inside yet all year and she is only a sixth grader. We just hope to continuously improve and hopefully by the end of the season, we can sneak up on games."

  Hunter 50
  Little Milligan 48

  The boys kept up with each other's pace for four quarters, as the lead stayed tight up to the very end. Little Milligan had the lead at the end of the first and third quarters, but the Hunter squad had the lead at the second and decisively, the fourth by three points.
  Two boys got themselves into foul trouble and five others were one mistake away from being benched.
  Buffalo Dan Campbell put up 10 points at the board and went 9-of-13 on the line to lead all players with 20 points. Travis Potter put up five shots and went 1-of-1 at the line while Lucas Elkins put in three field goals and went 2-of-5 in freebies.
  Kelly Papert went 2-of-3 at the line but slide in seven field goals to lead the Tiger team. Cody Cornett was good for nine points, including the game's only bucket from the outside. Justin Pierce and Chris Pierce were good for seven points apiece.