Cyclone senior trio shines on offensive line

By Allen LaMountain

   They don't get the glory, they just play a part in making glory happen. They don't get noticed unless it's for a mistake. But every successful football team simply has to have a good one.
   A good offensive line that is, and the Elizabethton Fighting Cyclones have one of the best in the region with seniors Wes Greer Chad Street and Brandon Collins anchoring it.
   Greer has been a four year performer for the Cyclones and was a part of history this week when tailback Walter Brown set a school record for rushing yards in a season.
   "Being an offensive lineman means taking pride to allow the running backs to look good," said Greer, the Cyclones starting right guard. "We take pride in the big plays the team makes, because we make it happen. Walter is always good about giving the line a lot of credit for his success."
   For Greer, playing sports at Elizabethton High School has been a great experience, as he feels that there are life lessons to be learned from sports.
   "It's been a great learning experience for me," Greer commented. "I have learned a lot about football and about life in general. Football's a game that teaches life lessons."
   Greer is also a standout first baseman for the Cyclones baseball team, and thinks he may try to walk-on at Appalachian State where he will attend college when this school year is finished.
   "I'm going to go to Appy State," Greer stated. "My major will be chemistry or pre-med. It's been great here, both playing sports and education-wise. I may try to walk on and see if I can play baseball at Appalachian."
   Greer has always been supported in his athletic endeavors by dad Kenny and mother Vicky. From the time he was in Little League, Kenny and Vicky always took the time to watch his games and cheer their son on.
   For Collins, the glory also comes from the achievement of others. Particularly, the Cyclones offense and especially in the running game where things get physical in the trenches.
   "We just go out and try to work as hard as we can every game as a unit," said Collins. "There is a lot of teamwork in playing on the line. A back like Walter though, all you try to do is give him a little seam and he's gone."
   Collins missed out on playing football his sophomore season, and he said, "That's probably something I regret the most was not playing my sophomore season."
   The Cyclones are blessed with a good balance of youngsters and veterans on the offensive line and it is this blend that gives head coach Tommy Jenkins comfort.
   He knows that the seniors will settle the others down and keep things under control. "The entire offense starts with the offensive line. When you have a back set a school record - he obviously had a lot of help up front. With these guys you never have to worry about them giving any less than 100 percent."
   Collins - the son of Bobby Collins and Lisa Bowers - says he wants to attend college after he graduates EHS saying, "I'll probably go to a small college. I'm undecided on what my major will be. I have the rest of the year to figure that out."
   For now Collins is having a great time as the Cyclones roll into the playoffs. "I really love playing football. There's nothing like it, especially playing here. There's something special about playing at EHS."
   Street - a starter on the offensive line and a defensive end - plays both ways in the Cyclone scheme of things and he says that while defense gets a lot of the glory the offensive line knows when it has done a good job.
   "There is so much teamwork that is necessary to make a play work right," said Street. "If one guy doesn't do his job it all falls apart, but it's so nice when you make a good block and you see your running back making big yards. No one else may know you did well, but your teammates do. Walter is always good about giving credit to the line, he's great to block for."
   Street is unfortunately injured - he stretched some knee ligaments in the Daniel Boone game - but is hopeful for a return next week should EHS get past Cocke County this Friday.
   "I need to tell the guys to get a win, so I can have one more chance to play," said Street. "I just want to get into one more game, I would hate for my senior season to end with me hurt."
   Street - like Greer - will concentrate on the medical profession when he graduates this spring and hopes to attend either ETSU or Tennessee next year. That should make dad Tim and mom Carol Street mighty proud.
   "My mom and dad have always been there for me," said Street. "They always joke around with me if I missed a block or tell me nice job if I make a good one. They always encourage me to do my best."