Hunter sinks Vance Vikings, 35-23

By C.Y. Peters

   BRISTOL--They called him the janitor last night in Bristol because from the start he was taking out the trash.
   When the Vikings shot he rejected the ball and when they missed he grabbed the rebound. Charles Peters scored 10 points in the first quarter, and finished with 20 points, five blocked shots and 11 as the Hunter Tigers defeated Vance 35-23.
   On a court half as big as the astrodome, it was fullcourt press and run and gun for both teams. Daniel Boohner scored all of the three points the Vikings tallied in the first quarter coming from the foul line. They didn't connect on a basket till 3:27 left before the half.
   The Tigers lead 10-3 after the first quarter and 19-12 at the half. The Tigers got into foul trouble early in the first quarter as four starters had to sit out most of the second quarter. Both teams played even in the third scoring, eight points each.
   The Vikings only hit seven shots from the field on the night as the rest came from foul shots. Paul Waters and Tyler Harrison traded 3-pointers in the third.
   The final period was full of action as both teams hustled the entire six minutes, with the Tigers holding on to the win. It was the seasonal opener for both teams.
   Waters added six points and Lowe chipped in five for the Tigers. Boohner scored 11 for the Vikings and Ty Harmon netted 3.
   The Tigers play tonight at Cloudland.
   Lady Vikings 43
   Lady Tigers 21
   Jordan Muratore was all over the floor last night at Vance Jr. High in Bristol, but the Lady Tigers just couldn't keep pace with the Vance Junior Lady Vikings.
   Posting a 43-21 win, the Vikings put this game away in the first quarter by scoring 24 points while only missing two shots.
   Kristen Grindstaff got the Tigers on the board with a two and Amy Colbaugh netted a three for the Tigers in the first.
   A fired-up Muratore brought the Tigers back some in the second, scoring eight points and Sallee Taylor added as the Tigers outscored the Vikings 10-3.
   The big floor proved to be an advantage for the Vikings, for by the half the Tigers were tired. They were outscored 14-2 in the third and the Vikes went on to a 43-21 rout.
   Fraidley scored 14 for the Vikings and Lyons added 13. Muratore led the Tigers with eight, and Colbaugh scored seven.
   The Lady Tigers play at Cloudland tonight at 5.