Warriors square off with Rebels in key situation

By Wes Holtsclaw

   Senior Night takes a different turn on Warrior Hill this season.
   With second place in the Watauga Conference on the line, the Happy Valley Warriors need a win this week against the South Greene Rebels to stay at home for another week.
   After a convincing 40-18 victory over the Huskies of North Greene, Coach Stan Ogg believes his team has been fine tuned for the upcoming contest.
   "I thought we played very well," said Ogg, "North Greene has a few players that gave us some problems. They executed well with short yardage."
   "We did a good job stopping the run, since their rushing wasn't anything until the end. Our coaches we're pleased with the game, we have to continue that this week."
   The Warriors have worked on limiting their turnovers and penalties throughout the past two weeks. It has appeared to pay off thus far.
   "We've limited a lot of mistakes and haven't stopped ourselves as much. We have worked on eliminating turnovers and penalties."
   South Greene enters the contest led by Jeremy Sauceman and Ryan Ward on the rushing front. With a 4-5 record, the Rebels are looking to shake up the Watauga standings and post a .500 season.
   "They have some scary skill players. We've got to know where they are at and defend them. Last year, we didn't execute well on offense and turned the ball over." said Ogg.
   The game is a must win for Happy Valley to play the first round of the playoffs at home, a loss would send them back on the road to a powerful Sweetwater club.
   "It's the hardest we've worked and the most we've prepared all year," said Cody Cannon. "We want to stay at home and give it our all. This week, we're going to play the best game we've got; just stay on fire since it is senior night."
   "This is for second place," said Ogg, "This is our chance to claim it and host a playoff game. The players are aware of that and it serves as motivation."
   "We've got to play good defense and do everything right," said Lamar Rollins, "We can't let them get happy on us, and we've just got to stay healty and ready."
   "This game is very important, perhaps the most important game we've had all year," said Warrior lineman Jordy Harrison, "We've got to go out and play our game. I've got a good feeling about this week."
   "We can't make any big mistakes. The defensive line has got to step up and keep them off Cody so he can flow. We've been working on squeezing for the past four weeks, hopefully we can get it going."
   Said Ogg: "South Greene's handed us two in a row, but revenge is not a factor. We want to perform better, we want to do our best each Friday. Our guys are looking to show their best, and that's all we could ask of."