Warrior trio part of small but successful senior class

By Wes Holtsclaw

   When you think of great senior classes at Happy Valley, the class of 2003 doesn't come up a lot when you're talking about football. This year's class is only five strong, with four playing each year in the maroon and white.
   However, if you're looking at dedication, effort and leadership alongside the younger teammates, this year's class is one of the tops.
   "They are a small class," said Warrior coach Stan Ogg. "It's going to be sad to see them leave. I remember seeing them play in the championship in eighth grade, and now they're graduating. We're proud of them -- they've meant a lot to this program.
   Quarterback Lamar Rollins has started since his freshman year at Happy Valley, and although his ninth-grade season was cut short to an injury. He has been a go-to guy on the squad.
   "He has been an awful good asset, a good defensive player, and he loves to compete," Ogg said. "It's been tough on him coming in at quarterback his sophomore year. He's going to be missed."
   Said Rollins, who's also battled injuries this season: "I've had a good career. I've had fun in the past four years I've been here, and I will miss the coaches and the underclassmen."
   Rollins was moved to quarterback during his sophomore year after an injury to then quarterback Mark White.
   "It's been rough trying to fight through two injuries, and then coming in at that position for the first time," Rollins said. "I wish this season could've been injury free, but that stuff happens.
   Lamar has enjoyed playing with the other seniors on the squad in his years at Happy Valley.
   "I like playing with all of them," he said. "I've played with Cody Cannon since we were in elementary school, and we've been real good friends since.
   "I've had a lot of support from my parents and my uncle. My little brother looks up to me a lot, and I look forward to seeing him play next year."
   James Matherly has had a nice career with the Warriors, and had his best performance two games ago -- a Warrior loss at Gatlinburg-Pittman -- by grabbing three interceptions to put himself in the Watauga Conference lead.
   Said Ogg: "He has come into his own this year. He had three interceptions (vs. Pittman), and I don't think he's had three all year. He's come along making nice catches, and has just had a good year."
   "I was kind of ecstatic about the whole thing," said Matherly. "We didn't want to lose, and they didn't put that many up against us."
   He has thoroughly enjoyed his years at Happy Valley.
   "It has meant everything, really," Matherly said. "I started getting into the Warrior mentality in the eighth grade. The coaches have made it wonderful, and it's been a real fun four years. I've gained a lot here."
   Matherly has saw a lot of support from his fellow seniors.
   "It's been interesting getting to know my teammates," he said. "They accepted me with open arms, and I'll miss them a lot when we go off to college.
   "We've backed each other a hundred percent, and it'll be hard calling it quits. I'm the only athlete in my family, and my parents have always been at every game. My brother has been there as well."
   Kenneth Campbell has played defensive end, and has been known as the motivator on the squad this season.
   "He's been good the last two years, been banged up," said Ogg. "He's done a good job chasing the ball and chasing quarterbacks. He loves to do that."
   Said Campbell: "There have always been guys out there to say something. I like screaming and getting after it, so I just decided to do that this season since Lamar and Cody are quiet. I like getting the team fired up, especially when you can see it in their eyes."
   Campbell started playing in middle school, and has played with the Warriors during the past four years.
   "Well, I have a lot of pride, even though I never started until middle school and didn't really know much about it until I got up here," he said. "As soon as I got up here Coach (Greg) Hyder and the guys have always been there for me.
   "I will miss the seniors. Lamar, James, and Cody have been here all four years with me, and we're all going to miss it."
   Kenneth believes most of his fuel has come from his parents.
   "My mom and dad have always taken off to watch us," Campbell said. "My mom had cancer, and the day after her surgery she was out supporting us.
   "The support period has been the best since I've been up here. I wouldn't have it any other way than being a Warrior."