Ex-Dallas star Irvin has life on right track

By Matt Hill

   Some people just seem like they're never going to get their life straightened out. Former Dallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin was one of those guys.
   Most likely a future Hall-of-Fame inductee, Irvin's off the field woes shattered what was a great career.
   Irvin was arrested several times for drug possession, and was also known for his promiscuity.
   Irvin seemed like he was never going to learn. It seemed like everybody had written him off as a person.
   Everybody except God.
   In a documentary about Irvin recently shown on Fox Sports Net, Irvin talked about his new found faith in God.
   Yes, even a wretched sinner like Irvin can be saved.
   You see, sometimes it takes people years to come to know the Lord. It takes a hard fall for them to realize they need God.
   In 1999, Irvin was forced to retire after a career-ending injury in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Irvin was so hated that Eagles fans actually cheered the injury.
   But God still loved Irvin, and he wanted to see his child come home. But even that didn't convince Irvin.
   Irvin faced yet another drug possession charge, but it was dismissed. After the incident, Fox Sports Net dismissed him as a television broadcaster.
   It was shortly thereafter that Irvin, after a talk with his wife, decided to give his life to Christ.
   And God accepted him, just like he accepts all sinners who ask to be redeemed.
   Irvin's story is similar to another former Dallas Cowboy that also a lot of people were amazed to find out that he had become a Christian. And you've probably already figured out who that guy is.
   Of course I'm talking about "Primetime". Deion Sanders was also hurting and needing a savior.
   In 1997, Sanders was addicted to sex, and had seen his marriage to wife Carolyn crumble. Sanders didn't turn to God at first, and it almost cost him.
   On May 28, 1997, Sanders drove his car off a cliff in a suicide attempt. Fortunately for Sanders, he lived.
   A few days later in his Cincinnati apartment, Sanders had a Paul on the road to Damascus conversion, and he gave his life to Christ.
   The same guy that had numerous extra-marital affairs was now living for Jesus.
   Sanders was under the guidance of a prominent Dallas minister, Mr. T.D. Jakes. Sanders started evangelizing to his teammates, and spoke in churches about what God had done in his life.
   A write this column to say that Christ can do miracles in the lives of people. These were two men that Christians frowned upon for years, but now they'll be spending eternity with them in Heaven.
   And you don't have to be an athlete to need a savior. There are probably guys in Elizabethton reading this that are hurting, too.
   I know from experience. If you are without Christ, you are hurting. There's no peace and no joy.
   Accepting Christ as my savior is the greatest decision I've ever made. I was a lot like Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders, but I came to realize that Christ loved me too and that he wanted to save me.
   Whether your an athlete or just a sports fan, God loves you. He will never give up on you.
   He didn't even give up on Michael or Deion.