Johnson County rattles Cloudland
By Wes Holtsclaw

   The Johnson County Junior Longhorns came one step closer to the Junior Watauga Conference title Thursday night as they defeated Cloudland 20-6 at McEwen Stadium.
   "We needed it," said Johnson County coach Delza Noble, "We needed a good performance tonight, and they hit harder than they have all year. Daniel Sexton and Jesse Atwood did good tonight. We've not been too healthy and we've suffered, so we've got to step it up a step in the next week."
   Johnson County capitalized on Cloudland early when the Jr. 'Landers fumbled the kickoff return to the 'Horns.
   Andrew Sexton took advantage with a seven yard touchdown run, with an A. J. Forrister converstion to give the boys from Mountain City the 8-0 advantage.
   Johnson County delivered another blow to Cloudland in the second quarter with some strong defense from Jesse Atwood to take the ball back from the 'Landers.
   Despite a heavy effort from Cody Hughes, Junior Clawson, and the Cloudland defense, Atwood delivered strong runs of 10 and 16 before scrambling 18 yards with a score.
   A missed conversion gave the Longhorns a 14-0 advantage going into the homecoming festivities where Courtney Moxinger was named junior high queen.
   The second half picked back up with Cloudland's defense playing some hard nosed football. Logan Buck unleashed his passing attack on Johnson County with some nice throws to Michael Lunsford and Andrew Grindstaff.
   It wouldn't be enough to get some points on the board, as Daniel Sexton and Zack Roark helped lead Johnson County to another offensive possession.
   Atwood capitalized again for the 'Horns rambling 39-yards through Trade into Boone to take a 20-0 advantage.
   Cloudland bounced back in the fourth quarter with Logan Buck tossing Jared Kodak a huge 50-yard touchdown pass, with a missed conversion pulling the score to a 20-6 Longhorn victory.
   "They hit tough," said Robbie Turbyfill, "They are the hardest hitting team we've played all year. Their line did awesome, but there was times our line played good."
   "I wish our line played with intensity, they could play with anybody if they did. I believe it will be a good championship game."
   "I thought we played good at times," said Cloudland quarterback Logan Buck, "I hope we can bounce back from this and play good against Happy Valley."
   Johnson County plays Watauga East and West next week before advancing into the championship contest.