Reed may join Twins organization

By Travis Brown

STAR Staff

   Recent rumors circling around the Elizabethton Twins front office are sending some encouraging signals about the upcoming season. According to inside sources, former local major leaguer Jeff Reed may be in line for a coaching position here in E-town.
   Nothing is certain for now, but rumor has it that an announcement will be made public in the near future about Reed's future with the organization.
   According to Mike Mains, director of the parks and recreation department and general manager of the E-Twins, the Twins are anticipating a new coach to be joining up with the team. "The Minnesota Twins are in the negotiations process to bring Jeff Reed on board as a coach in the 2002 season," said Mains.
   The trickle down effect from the recent mix up in the major leagues has left the minor league coaching ranks in a bit of a shuffle.
   The recent resignation of Tom Kelly as the Minnesota Twins skipper is causing some shifts as coaches are allocated to different levels. Due to these shifts, positions are likely to be available next season.
   Despite the new acquisition, as it stands now, next year's Twins will still be managed by Rudy Hernandes, the 2001 Appy League coach of the year. Reid is to be hired on as an assistant.
   The Twins are very excited to be bringing the former champ on board due to his widespread support and popularity amongst the junior league ranks. Mains is particularly happy about the coming announcement. "The Elizabethton Twins will greatly benefit from this. Jeff coming in will really make things better," said Mains.
   This alleged move comes on the heels of Reed's recent trip to Ft. Myers, Fla., where Twins officials held meetings with Reed to discuss the position. Mains seems confident that this move, if made, is proof of the Twins' motivation to improve. "This move is another example of Minnesota taking advantage of the professionals in our local community," said Mains.
   Regardless of the outcome, Reed has and will undoubtedly continue to play a major role in local baseball, but as it stands now, next season's E-Twins will have the benefits of a world champion catcher to draw from.