It's showtime under junior high lights

It's championship night, you're sure to catch a thrill. Whether your going to Memorial Stadium or to Warrior Hill. They'll be a lot of action, some people will want to stay, When they see the speed of TAD's Aaron Bray.

Curtis McKeehan sure can pick up the pace, He'll shove the pigskin in the Hilltoppers' face. I've waited all year for the Championship Crown Don't let me down Cyclones, I hate to frown.

If Weston Jeffers airs out the ball, We'll all see the Jr. Hilltoppers fall. So come out tonight to Steve Spurrier Field, And watch the Cyclones destroy Science Hill.
   At Happy Valley you can watch Will Lowe, And Ryan "G Train" Garland won't be slow.
   He'll carry the football until he can score, But watch out for Johnson County's "Big" Thomas Moore.
   Nathan Paisley and Jeff Brinkler they are so swell, So is Chris Rutledge and quarterback Todd Caldwell.
   This game was predicted from the start, I know both teams play from the heart.
   The leaves are turning and now it's fall, It's been a good year for Jr. High football.
   So come on Cyclones, And for the Warriors and Longhorns, one good team will hit the wall.
   Well so much for being a poet. The story is its showtime. What you have worked for all season long. Remember the first day of practice, sweat, blood and tears.
   This is what you all have worked for. All the teams have fallen by the wayside with the Warriors, Longhorns, Hilltoppers and the Cyclones standing alone. Two can win the titles for the leagues tonight.
   We could come back next week and play a game with both teams against each other in the "Dave Rider Bowl."