Happy Valley cross-country team looks to perfect stride starting to come together

By Travis Brown
STAR Staff

   This year's cross country squad from Happy Valley is shaping into a fine team for track coach Don Verran, and his team may sneak up on their opponents next week.
   Due to scheduling difficulties, Verran has yet to be running on all cylinders this season because his team has never competed together at the same meet.
   With different runners missing the meets, assessing the Warriors chances for this week's conference event is a tricky prospect indeed. According to Verran it will be interesting to see, "If we can continue on, and do what we're capable of. We could do well."
   With both girls and boys looking to improve on last season's strong showing, Verran is hoping to overcome this season's mediocrity.
   "We really haven't had all of our people with us," he explained. "Hopefully we will have a good showing."
   The girls team, led by the trio of Lauren Hollowell, Katie Williams, Jeanie Hawkins, will look to do well in the conference as last season's strong improvements will be bolstered even further this season.
   Summer AAU action has been keeping Williams up to speed while Hollowell and Hawkins are on pace to better last season's solid performances.
   On the boys side of the program, Verran hopes to have contributions from the entire team as a good crop of young runners have consistently performed throughout practice and the meets.
   With a good field of boys to spread the field, hopes are high that this bunch will not stop at the conference but perhaps visit a little further down the state.
   The clear front-man for the Warriors is of course David Hughes, whose visit to the state meet last season will be on the horizon again.
   With things rolling downhill towards the end of the season, the Warriors are looking for good things in the conference meet.
   If it comes down to work ethic, Verran is all smiles about his club this season.
   "We worked pretty hard all season," said Verran. "These kids work real hard and I hope it pays off for them."