Some Jr. High football shockers last week

By C.Y. Peters
Star Correspondent

  The T.A. Dugger Junior Cyclones let Church Hill sneak up on them and grab a "W." It's the Jr. Cyclones' only loss of the season and better be the only one.
   This talented team is three times the team of the Church Hill Panthers. The big surprise was that the Cyclones weren't able to pass, going 0-for-3 for 0 yards.
   Curtis McKeehan carried the ball for a score and 36 yards and Aaron Bray scored one.
   The Jr. 'Clones got the job done the previous Thursday night, fighting off a pesky Boones Creek team. Although this game was close, Boones Creek was really never in the game. Don't let up, the season's not over and nobody is going to give you the win.
   You will have to earn it, play well, and you have the team to win the title. Work hard.
   Kyle Wilson had his biggest game of the season for Unaka this past Thursday night in Mountain City, making catch after catch as the Rangers threw passes and went 11-of-15 for 186 yards. Wilson also scored the Rangers' only touchdown. Johnson County still won the game, 44-6.
   Happy Valley and Johnson County are in the title game at Warrior Hill on Oct. 16. They'll be a lot hard hitting, passing, trick plays, touchdowns and good hotdogs. You don't want to miss it.
   Thomas Moore, Nathan Paisley and Ernie Hodge. Put them together with one of the top quarterbacks in the league, Jeffrey Brinkler, and Johnson County will be hard to handle.
   They beat the Warriors in Johnson County 8-0 earlier this year and Moore was like a bulldozer. He just plowed through the Happy Valley line.
   The Warriors avenged this loss on Warrior Hill by 30-20 to put the teams tied at 1-1.
   Grade cards will be out by the 16th and they could really affect this game. I'm sure it will.
   Now let's say something about Warrior football. Ryan Garland. That's it. That's all I have to say for now.
   Garland has demolished teams this year. He must hold all the records at Happy Valley Middle. Scoring four touchdowns in games, rushing for 200+ yardage in most games and punt returning as well as kick-off returns, he can't be stop. He's like the Rock man on the Fantastic Four.
   Speaking of the Fantastic Four, here are the other three. Todd Caldwell, Will Lowe, Chris Rutledge. The WCW would have a field day with this match, I can read it now: The Main Event, a Double Tag Team Match. In the corner to my left, Nathan Paisley, his partner Jeffrey "Strong arm" Brinker, beside him is Mighty Ernie Hodge. They are teamed with "Big" Thomas Moore.
   In the far corner stands tough Will Lowe with left-hander Todd Caldwell. Their partners are Chris "Speed" Rutledge and the Little Watauga heavyweight touchdown rushing leader, Ryan the G-Train Garland.
   This will be a Tennessee no-holds barred contest. You can bite, scratch, pull hair, run over each other and anything is legal. October 16 at Warrior Hill for the Little Watauga Jr. Middle School Championship.
   No one will leave the Hill alive. Be There!