Taylor raising eyebrows on TAD gridiron

By Travis Brown
STAR Staff

   It is certainly unusual for a young lady to step onto a football field while in uniform. It is truly amazing when she contributes.
   That is exactly what Tonya Taylor is all about as her contributions to the T.A. Dugger 7th grade squad have been quite impressive this season.
   The starting defensive end and kickoff specialist has found a home at TAD and has been well-received by the rest of the team.
   "I didn't know what to expect at first," said head coach Daniel Proffitt, "but she has done well."
   After getting off to a slow start, Taylor has become accommodated to the fundamentals of football, as her knowledge has increased and so has her level of play.
   When asked how the young men on the team are adjusting to a female in the ranks, Proffitt fired out with a firm: "No differently. They hit her as hard as they can, and she hits them just as hard in return."
   Aside from just competing at an equal level, Taylor is enjoying this unique experience as well she should.
   "It's fun, I love it," Taylor said. "It's my favorite sport."
   She went on to add some comments that strongly resemble those you would expect to hear from a high school starting tackle. "I love hitting people," she said.
   Taylor also agrees with the coach about the acceptance she has received from her teammates,
   "Everybody respects me, I think that I stick out a lot, but I think of myself as a regular teammate."
   That type of attitude will help to make this season a truly memorable one for the budding 7th grader, as next season offers the possibility of varsity competition on the 8th grade level.
   Who knows, if her improvement continues to advance, we may see this young lady on Friday nights one day.