Middle School football coming off big week

This past week saw some big action in middle school football as Johnson County and Hampton traded places while the Happy Valley Jr. Warriors have almost wrapped up the Little Watauga Conference title.
   With a win over the Bulldogs, the Warriors assured that they would play in the championship game on Oct. 16.
   By all probability they will play the Johnson County Longhorns, unless the Unaka Rangers can upset the Longhorns in Mountain City next week.
   Of course the Rangers could upset Happy Valley this week in their homecoming game and put things back in a knot.
   Randall Guy, Chris Richardson and Noah Cole all played well for the Rangers this week, but Unaka still came up short, losing to Westview 20-12.
   Happy Valley's Ryan Garland, Johnson County's Nathan Paisley, Hampton's Jonathan Potter and Cloudland's Jon Harrison combined for 664 yards and 10 touchdowns in one day.
   Harrison had two TDs and rushed for 170 yards, Garland scored twice with 192 total yards and Potter
   As of right now the Junior Warriors lead the conference with only one loss. Johnson County has two losses and Hampton is in third with three defeats, followed by Cloudland, then Unaka.
   T. A. Dugger got back into action this week, and Aaron Bray didn't miss a beat. He was clicking on all cylinders leading the Jr. Cyclones over the John Sevier team to stay in control of the Middle Seven Conference.
   As I said early in the season, the Jr. Cyclones have the team to go undefeated and win the League and championship. So far they have proven me right.
   Caleb Trivett had a big week for Orange & Black.
   Later in the week, with only one day of rest, the Jr. Cyclones traveled to Boones Creek to play the Bars.
   When Greg Valentine and Ric Flair get together, they are had to beat. They have the one-two punch of professionalism.
   Well so does the team of Weston Jeffers and Ryan Kennedy. When there're connecting they can't be beat. With Bray and Trivett in the backfield and the threat of the pass, the Jr. Cyclones are hard to stop.
   I haven't forgotten about the big center they have and the excellent offensive and defensive lines that makes the holes and make the plays.
   All the teams and the coaches and all the newspaper people would love to see the Jr. Cyclones win it all this year. Stay focus and practice hard.
   Back to the biggest question in the Little Watauga Conference. Who's the best player? That's hard to decide.
   We are forgetting some of the players for MVP. Let's look at it. How about the offense lineman? They have to hit someone every play, sometimes two or three people in the same play. They should be considered.
   It's almost always a quarterback or running back that gets this award, because they mostly are in the news. They score the touchdowns.
   How about the defensive backs and ends? If the other team scores every time you do, then the games would end in a tie. There would be no MVP. So the defensive players should have a shot at MVP.
   Now the real MVP of the teams are the centers. From the experience of being an official, there's nothing funnier than a play starting on hike, and everyone moving and the ball not being snapped.
   The center has to touch the ball first, and without the center the play doesn't start. He has to get it to the quarterback before the play can start. Next time you see the center of the team, tell him what a good job he is doing.