Good results for HV girls

STAR Correspondent

  JONESBOROUGH--Sunny blue skies awaited high school cross country teams from around the Northeast Tennessee region at the inaugural Crockett 3-Mile Run. The event, scheduled to become an annual tradition, was held at one of the more unique venues, Fender's Farm Corn Maze, for high school cross country meets.
  "Well I enjoyed the meet, and the weather was great. This was something that was different," said Happy Valley head coach Don Verran.
  "You get tired of the same old, same old courses over and over again. And the kids, they like to do different things. If nothing else, we are making memories."
  And make memories they did. The Lady Warriors, with two new team members on their first run on Tuesday afternoon, took home the third-place trophy in the girls team event with 99 points. Daniel Boone came in second with 83 points, and Tennessee High took home first-place honors with 27 points.
  "We were excited, and surprised," said Verran of his team's performance. "It was different down here, and the course is a little bit slow. Our times were higher than we expected. It was interesting, and we enjoyed it."
  Individually, Ashley Flynn was third overall, finishing with a time of 23 minutes and 20 seconds.
  "Well she is getting better each and every time out," said Verran of Flynn's successful run on Tuesday. "We are expecting great things out of her."
  Also individually for the Lady Warriors, Shanna Raines came home 11th, with a time of 25:41. Samantha Canter finished at 32:30, just in front of Jessica Yates at 32:31. Carrie Fleenor finished in 32:37, while Jessica Hongkham finished in 33:59.
  Making their first runs for Happy Valley were Brandi Burchfield, who finished the three-mile course in 34:01, and Brittany Green who came in at 42-even.
  "We are coming around a little bit, although we still have a long way to go," said Verran of his girls' team. "There's some great competition out there this year. It seems like everyone out here has a real good team. So we just hope we are in the thick of things when it comes the last of October."
  Flynn was beaten out for top honors by a pair of Tennessee High Lady Vikings: Lilly Zolduna, who came in second, and Stephanie Place, who came in first.
  The Happy Valley Warriors were also in action in the meet Tuesday afternoon, with only two team members participating.
  "Well we didn't have but two kids today, so we are still trying to find the right people for us," said Verran. "We're still trying to get up a team really."
  However, Daniel Smith was able to make a splash for Happy Valley, as he claimed 10th place honors in the event by finishing in 19:33. Wes Doyle also ran for the Warriors, coming home in 22:51.
  "He's a pretty good kid, and he places up in the top 10 regularly for us," Verran said of Smith.
  Taking home top three individual honors in the event were Blake Ketran and Josh Armstrong of Daniel Boone, who came in second and third respectively, while David Crockett's Jake Penny took home first place.
  In the team competition, Unicoi County came in third with 97 points, David Crockett finished second with 45, while Daniel Boone took home the first place trophy. The small schools champion in the event was awarded to University High.
  The next meet for Happy Valley will come in Bristol this Saturday, as the Vikings of Tennessee High will host the event.