JC boxing team puts forth strong performance

By Marvin Birchfield
The Johnson City Athletic Club had a good showing in this weekend's Bobby Hughes Invitational Amateur Boxing Tournament at Carver Recreational Center, as four out of five of the area's fighters placed first.
Several clubs from different parts of the eastern United States competed in the event, and when all was said and done, the Johnson City fighters showed that they had a lot of talent in their corner.
"Everything worked well in the tournament. Both nights were great, and we had four out of five of our fighters win in the finals," said Johnson City Athletic Boxing coach Scott Vance.
It was a 14-year old freshman from Science Hill, Terry Donor, who won the junior amateur 105 pound weight class, as he not only outshone his competitors, but also won the award for best boxer of the tournament.
"I've been running everyday trying to stay in shape, and I was hoping I would do pretty good," said Donor. "I came out today and won, so I'm pretty proud of myself."
Donor started off in the first round by throwing some nice combinations and landing the left hook, causing his opponent to back pedal winning the first round.
In the second round he was able to connect with the short right overhand, as the bout ended in a close decision with his opponent Robert Goddard from Knoxville.
"I was working my jab and landing the right-hand, but he was doing a good job also," said Donor. "I was timing him when he threw his jab, I would come back with the overhand right. I thought it was a really good fight."
Both guys flurried with a heavy exchange with Donor tagging Goddard with a hard right again to win the decision.
"We were both throwing a lot of punches, and I was working the body and head by using both my hands," said Donor.
In a good appearance, Dillon Dawson defeated Zack Duran in the junior olympic 119 pound class, as it was a tough decision between him and Donner for who deserved to be named the junior olympic boxer of the tournament.
"Dillon Dawson did great, for he fought a kid out of Ohio, and they're a real tough team," said Vance. "He did a real good job of keeping his jab working in the fight."
Cody Utterback brought another victory to the Johnson City Athletic Club when he won a decision over Richmond KY.'s Anthony Martin.
Guilles Alberto was trying to score another win for the Johnson City team, but Jared Robinson of Sumter, S.C. took the three-round decision.
Alberto got off to a fast start by slipping punches and landing some combinations, but Robinson came back and scored late in the first round.
Both came out firing to start the second round with Alberto landing a good straight right, but after getting caught on the ropes, Robinson went to work on the body to win the round.
In his final attempt of the last round, Alberto landed a couple of hooks, but he once again got backed up against the ropes, with Robinson going to work on the head and body.
The last bout of the night featured a couple of heavyweights in the novice 201-pound class, with Johnson City's Dallas Stewart stealing the spotlight.
A native of Stanton, Va., Stewart was sensational in his third round knockout over Bill Campbell of North Wilkesboro, N.C.
The 6-6 Stewart had a definite reach advantage going into the contest, as he did a good job of catching the much shorter Campbell on the way in.
"I was just trying , and I watched one of his fights yesterday and seen he liked to keep his hands down," said Stewart. "I just waited for him to come in and caught him with that right hand."
Campbell was first in trouble during the second round, when Stewart landed a straight right and then followed up with a right hook to get the standing eight count.
Stewart came out in the third round pressing the issue, as he landed a hard right hook that rocked Campbell, leaving him on the canvas for over a minute.
"My coach just wanted me to box with him, and then in that third round I knew I had him, so I just did what I had to do," said Stewart.
As for other notables in the junior olympic competition, it was Joseph Fransisco of Chattanooga defeating Donnie Williams from Salisbury, N.C. in the 130-pound class.
Yuwshua Zakok of Atlanta, Ga., was the winner of the 201-pound class, while David Alley of Knoxville won in the 141 division.
Kenny Brown of Portsmouth, Ohio, was the best in the 132-pound. class, as was Clarence Moore from Charleston, W.Va., in the open 201-pound class.
One other fight to mention was the novice 152-pound class, in which Robert Burns of Richmond, Kent., enjoyed a second-round TKO over Andy Fusion of Campbell County.
"Out of all of our fights we lost two, and you might not win them all, but it's nice when you win most of them," said Vance. "October 11th we have a fight coming up in Charlotte, N.C., and there will be 10 or 11 boys making the trip. We definately have our slate full right now."