Jr. Bulldogs win 50-30 scorefest at Cloudland

By Wes Holtsclaw

   There was a lot of scoring on the Roan Thursday night.
   Bouncing back from a second-half deficit, the Hampton Junior Bulldogs blasted off behind a strong defense and the running of Dustin Jaynes to top Cloudland 50-30.
   "That's the best our offensive line has done all year," said Hampton coach Kelly Oliver. "Coach Matt Hardin is the reason our line has done what they did. We moved the ball tonight, gotta give thanks to Coach Matt Arnett and Coach Weddle, they do the work."
   "Dustin Jaynes had a heck of a game, and you've got to mention Jared Oliver because he busted up the front for him. D. J. Oliver, he was our leader tonight."
   Despite giving up the win, Cloudland held a strong 22-20 advantage after playing strong football in the first half.
   "Hampton's got a good team," said Cloudland coach Robbie Turbyfill, "Their defense is tough, they have a great offense, and their line outplayed ours at times. We were in the game, we always have a good start, then we get down and can't climb out of it."
   Cloudland opened the game with a large play in their favor, as Jared Kodak returned a kick 85 yards for a score, a missed conversion made the score 6-0 in favor of the Jr. 'Landers.
   Hampton rallied right back with a strong running game downfield behind Jonathan Lyons and Jared Oliver, but it was a 3-yard plow from Dustin Jaynes that tied the game at six a piece.
   The Highlanders roared back downfield with a strong rushing game behind Jared Kodak, Rodney Hill, and Josh Harrison. It was Kodak who connected again with a short 2-yard run. A conversion pass from Logan Buck to Harrison gave Cloudland the 14-6 lead.
   Hampton said 'I don't think so' and regained the momentum after a 68-yard kickoff return from Dustin Jaynes for the score. Another missed conversion run kept Cloudland on top with a 14-12 lead.
   The Bulldogs got the ball back after an excellent stand of defense which led to a Jaynes interception. Hampton took it and moved the ball downfield with some help from Adam Townsend and Jared Oliver, before D. J. Oliver took it in with a 7-yard run. A conversion run from Jared Oliver gave Hampton its first lead late in the second quarter at 20-14.
   Cloudland wasn't ready to give it up. Logan Buck started tossing the ball like crazy with throws to Andrew Grindstaff and Jared Kodak. The clock was winding down when Buck tossed John Harrison a 23-yard touchdown with no time remaining. A Rodney Hill conversion run put Cloudland on top going into the half at 22-20.
   "At halftime, we thought we had it," said Jared Kodak, "We came out and let up. We've got to work a lot harder before we play Unaka."
   Hampton was fired up going into the second half, and showed it on their first drive rumbling down field behind a strong effort by Lyons, leading to a 9-yard lead taking plow from D.J. Oliver.
   Cloudland made a valiant effort on offense, but Hampton never turned back, as they held Cloudland to a punt and kept the lead throughout the remainder of the game.
   The Jr. Bulldogs tore Orr Field apart with strong running, and broke loose with Jaynes' 30-yard touchdown run, a conversion from Jared Oliver gave Hampton the 34-22 advantage.
   Cloudland made another strong run, but was leveled after a bad snap and sack which was fumbled over to the Hampton line courtesy of D. J. Oliver. Good defense from Adam Townsend and Dustin Milhorn kept the Cloudland receivers at bay early in the second half.
   Jaynes took that sign and made the most of it, rumbling with another 13-yard touchdown with another Oliver conversion. Hampton' lead jumped at 42-22, but the Jr. 'Landers didn't quit.
   Jared Kodak rumbled back with a 64-yard kickoff return and on the very next play caught a 33-yard bomb from Logan Buck for a score. Josh Harrison followed with the conversion to bring Cloudland within a 42-30 margin.
   Hampton bounced back with a 30-yard halfback pass from Dustin Jaynes to Josh Cole for the score, and a Jaynes conversion made it 50-30, and that's the way it ended.
   Said Turbyfill: "The fumbled snap killed us, but Buck played good with two touchdown passes. I can't say enough about Kodak, a first year player. Rodney Hill did good, we never gave up. We've got Unaka next week, we have to do the best we can."
   "We did a heck of a job," said Dustin Jaynes. "The line did an awesome job out here. We gotta do the same thing and play harder next week. I know we've got more."
   Said Oliver: "Kodak did a good job, he left it laying on the field. We're glad to get out of it with a win. Our boys could've quit but they didn't, gotta tip the hat to Coach Turbyfill, he does a great job with what he's got."
   Hampton plays Boones Creek this Tuesday, while Cloudland plays Unaka in the upcoming week.