Reid sets good example on and off field

By Matt Hill

   MOUNTAIN CITY -- Too many times in our society, the stories of teenagers getting into trouble dominate the news headlines, while the stories about the kids who do the right things get brushed to the side.
   One young man who has quietly been a solid citizen in society, but not garnering much attention while doing it is Johnson County football and baseball player Michael Reid.
   Reid starts on the Longhorn football team, and is an All-Conference baseball player. But more importantly, he has a 3.85 G.P.A.
   The senior takes college prep classes, and is a member of the National Honor Society.
   According to Johnson County head baseball coach Pete Pavusek, Reid not only excels on the field and in the classroom, but also in the community.
   "I've known Michael since he was a little kid," Pavusek said. "He's always been a super kid. He's real quiet, but he's always been there for his family.
   "He gets all A's in school, and he's never in trouble. He also works for the volunteer fire department. He's just an outstanding young man. He has a lot of potential. We expect big things out of Michael."
   It's tough for most high school athletes to balance sports and academics, but Reid doesn't think it's all that difficult.
   "I just do all my classwork, do all my homework when I need to and play sports," Reid said. "Nothing to it, really."
   Reid has always excelled in the classroom. He decided early on in life that he was going to be successful.
   "Ever since elementary school I've had good grades," Reid said. "I've kept it up throughout middle school and high school."
   Reid didn't get his 3.85 G.P.A. loading up on P.E. courses, but instead by taking the toughest classes that he could possibly take.
   Johnson County head football coach Mike Atwood is extremely proud of Reid for his strong academic standing. He believes Reid has definitely been steered in the right direction.
   "I wish I could take credit for it, but it's been his mom and dad and him," Atwood said. "They've done a good job raising him. He's a good kid."
   Reid credits his parents for giving him strong values.
   "I've grown up not doing any kind of drugs or anything like that," Reid said. "They correct me when I do wrong. They're great parents."
   Reid has succeeded in life without making a big deal out of it. Reid is a leader on the football team, but he's a quiet leader.
   "That's just the way I am," Reid said. "I'm not one to go after somebody if he messes up or go out and jump on him. I'll go tell them that they're all right, settle down, do good next play."
   Said Atwood: "He leads by example. He comes down here and works hard every day. He doesn't miss practice. He plays hard in the games. He tries to do what the coaches say."
   Reid will soon be leaving Johnson County High School to enter his adult life. He is thinking about trying to get into the Coast Guard Academy.
   Reid also hopes to continue playing sports while in college.
   "I'm thinking real seriously about it," Reid said. "I would love to go. It's a great opportunity. The football coach has talked to me a little bit. If I have a chance I would like to go up there.
   Atwood believes Reid will be a success no matter what he does in life.
   "He can do whatever he wants to," Atwood said. "He's smart enough, and he's a good enough kid to do about whatever he wants to do in life.
   As Reid's high school career comes to a close, he can look back on it with a smile.
   "I don't have any regrets," Reid said. "I've played every game as hard as I can, and I do all my work. I make the best grades that I can. I don't regret anything."