Baker boys open the 'Landers running lanes

By Travis Brown

STAR Staff

   Its no secret that the Cloudland Highlander football team is based on line play, and the success of their football team most often rests on the line's ability to blow people off the ball.
   This season has produced a pair of fine linemen to propel the 'Lander football team in the likes of Dale and Nathaniel Baker (no relation).
   These two young men have detected themselves to improvement, and this season it has shown, as both athletes have become bigger, faster and stronger.
   Last season we just weren't strong enough, said Dale Over the offseason we hit the weights and lifted every day, we're more physical now.
   That philosophy has propelled Nathaniel and Dale to new heights this season, and helped to make both young men indispensable parts to the 'Lander machine.
   This season is promising to be a breakout season for both young men, as their roles on both the offensive and defensive sides of the football.
   We are taking it one game at a time said Nathaniel We've worked to get stronger and quicker over the summer, We just want to win.
   Dale is showing great potential as the season progresses, head coach Mike Lunsford is excited about the youngster's potential When he plays low, he's tough to guard, said Lunsford He's done a good job for us and he's a big part of our football team.
   As for Nathaniel, a year ago not many people would have expected to see him in the starting lineup, but he has surpassed his expectations and is now a valuable player for the 'Landers, No doubt, he's played as well as anyone could ask him to, said Lunsford He's the most improved player on our team.
   With all of the hype and praise from the coaching staff, these two individuals will be asked to step up more as the season goes along. As they continue to emerge as leaders, improvement is important for both young men, We need to work on the little things, said Dale We have to get our minds straight and play our best.
   Sounds like solid advice to follow. As the season progresses it will be interesting to see if these young men can meet or surpass the roles they are asked to fill.
   Last season's football team was based on dominant line play, and this season will be no different. These athletes will be asked to step up and be dominant as the season continues.
   One thing is for certain, if the 'Lander backfield continues to platoon and impress, and barring any major injuries, the 'Landers will go as far as these boys and their lineman counterparts will carry them.
   Hats go off to two examples of work ethic and desire. These men obviously understand that detection + desire = W's, lets hope that hard work is good enough to take the 'Landers to the top once again.