Jr. Longhorns beat Hampton in 6-0 contest

By Marvin Birchfield

   Johnson County sent Hampton back to the dog pound on Thursday, as they locked up a 6-0 victory at J.C. Campbell Stadium in junior high action.
   "We're not clicking on all cylinders right now, but we have a lot better ball club than what we're showing, and hopefully we'll start leveling off and head in the right direction," said Johnson County coach Delza Noble.
   On the opening drive of the game, the Bulldogs fumbled on their second play from scrimmage.
   Dustin Jaynes had trouble with the handoff, which produced the loose ball and allowed Ryan Humphrey to make the recovery.
   "The miscue at the first of the game put the ball deep in our territory, and that was the difference in the ball game," said Hampton coach Kelly Oliver.
   The Longhorns drove it down the field from that point, capping things off with a 12-yard touchdown run from Justin Harmon.
   Harmon took the pitch from Robbie Moody on a sweep to the left, turning the corner and blasting his way in for the score.
   The Bulldogs held on the two-point conversion attempt, but this was all the offense that the Longhorns needed for the rest of the evening.
   On the Longhorns' next possession, they were stopped after a fumble by Jesse Atwood and recovery by Adam Townsend on the 34-yard line.
   "We had a good series on our first possession, and then we fumble and it went all downhill from there," said Noble.
   Hampton was stuffed on its next series, as a throw by Jonathan Lyons was picked off by Brian Dollar.
   Two big defensive plays for Hampton came when Townsend broke up two consecutive pass attempts from Moody to a much taller Anthony Yoggerest.
   "Defensively, I thought we played a lot better, but offensively, we just didn't get the job done," said Oliver.
   This handed the ball back over to Hampton at its own 41-yard line with just over two and a half minutes to go until halftime.
   The Bulldogs were faced with a fourth down and four before getting a big run from Dustin Jaynes for 28 yards, placing the ball down at the 20 with under a minute to go.
   "I thought we had found a weak spot, but Delza is a good coach and made the right adjustments to cut us off," said Oliver.
   A pitch to Jared Oliver and a toss across the middle ended the Bulldogs' best drive of the game, with Harmon stepping up to make the grab for an interception.
   In the second half, Johnson County broke Hampton's back with two long, grueling drives, which almost consumed the entire half.
   "We were tired from Tuesday, which is not an excuse, and then having to play this bunch on Thursday is really tough," said Oliver.
   The Longhorns marched it down to the Bulldogs 22-yard line late in the fourth quarter before making a crucial mistake on fourth-and-short, backing them up on a five-yard penalty for movement on the line.
   Hampton made the stop on fourth-and-seven as Jesse Atwood was thrown for a three yard loss by Kenneth Jacobs.
   The Bulldogs had one last chance with 2:23 left, forced to take it 70 yards for the tie.
   Dustin Milhorn took over the controls at quarterback and connected with Josh Taylor on his first pass attempt.
   But the next four plays were disastrous for Hampton, as it started with a sack from Josh Payne for an eight-yard loss.
   "At the end Justin Harmon stepped up big and made some tackles, and that's what won the ball game for us," said Noble.
   Three consecutive plays of minus-five yards or more followed, ending an unimpressive offensive attack from both sides.
   "We didn't play well and neither did Hampton, but we made a few things happen," Noble said. "Overall we didn't play well."