Buffaloes clobbered by 'Horns

  By Rebecca Pierson
  Asst. Sports Editor
  MOSHIEM -- You can call it a blow out, a shut out or a complete shutdown. Either which way, the Johnson County Longhorns went to Moshiem Friday night and put the West Greene Buffaloes to shame with a 46-0 final.
  "Our defense was impressive," Longhorn head coach Mike Atwood said. "We played a lot of people and still managed a shutout. I was happy with the defense. Our offense didn't click quite like I wanted us to but we had a short field to work with most of the night. We didn't have any long drives really. It is a good first win."
  It would be well into the second quarter before the Buffaloes made it across the 50-yard line. Nathan Paisley, Ernie Hodge, Jeffrey Brinker, Tony Smith, Jesse Atwood and Cody Bryant all made their way into the end zone for the Longhorns in what turned out to be a good example of some sort of mercy rule in high school football.
  Jeremy Cureton, Matt Tweed and Josh Johnson had some significant carries for West Greene, but didn't have the offensive line needed to stop the defensive onslaught of the Longhorns.
  The score had the potential of being 53-0, but a penalty on a Smith 31-yard run was sent back. The Longhorns lost 90 penalty yards in the game.
  "We had too many penalties," Atwood said. "Those are mistakes that we need to correct and stuff we will take care of watching film and in practice. We will take care of that. I wish we had had more field to work with. Most of our drives were 40 or 50 yards because we had good field position all night.
  "I thought Paisley and Brinker ran well and the second team backed around good too," he said. "Our offensive line is one of our strong points. I thought they did well all night long. We have to shut down on the mental mistakes and execute better on offense. Everybody on the team played and they did what we asked of them."
  In the fourth quarter, the Longhorn freshmen and sophomores got some playing time but it didn't slow Johnson County down a bit. The 'Horns received some good carries and some great sacks from 5-7 sophomore A.J. Forrester in the final minutes.
  Brinker, Forrester, Jesse Atwood, Nathan Paisley and Matt Cornett all had some great looking tackles on an outstanding job by the Longhorn defense.
  "We're a pretty good team," Forrester said. "The coach told us to come out with intensity, not quit and just go out there and give it everything you've got. This game is your last one and the next game is our last one. That's the way you play. I didn't know the win was going to be this good but I am happy that it was."
  Some of the Longhorn team was surprised by the final outcome and doesn't take much stock in pre-game predictions.
  "I haven't heard much about this team [Buffaloes] so I didn't know if we would do good or not," said Brinker. "I heard that they got killed before [against Cherokee], but still, every time we got voted up high, we went down low. I just came out here ready to play."
  Brinker and Forrester said that Atwood is the main credit for the team being in as good of a shape as it has been in years.
  "Coach Atwood keeps us practicing hard," Brinker said. "He is keeping us in shape this year. We will fix those penalty mistakes this week. We will just have to go over the film and see what we did, fix what we did wrong and get better at what we did right."
  The Longhorns will face the Sullivan Central Cougars this Friday night in Blountville, and West Greene will travel to Happy Valley to face the Warriors.