West Greene first hurdle for Longhorns

star staff

  Johnson County awaits its first test of the season while West Greene tries to heal the inflicted wounds from last week's action.
  The Longhorns will head into tonight's contest on the Buffaloes' home field with a clean bill of health, as they'll be looking to start the season off right.
  "The biggest thing we have going for us right now is we don't have anybody injured yet," said Johnson County Mike Atwood.
  Johnson County looks to put a new wrinkle in the offense as it tries to turn around past problems with putting up points on the board.
  "We've got a new offense that we've installed, so we'll just have to run it and see what happens," said Atwood.
  The Longhorns still have a minor issue with getting their timing down, but if all fails they'll resort back to the old scheme of things.
  "We'll probably be running some old stuff as well as the new," said Atwood.
  Johnson County will be faced with containing the throwing attack from Buffaloes, as this has been one of their main focuses throughout the pre-season.
  "They throw the ball well and this will be a good test for us going in," said Atwood. "We've worked on defending the pass during the spring and summer, and this is something we've really tried to improve at."
  The Longhorns' senior line will take charge on Friday, as the beef up front looks to dictate the pace.
  "We've got a real talented senior line and they're looking good right now," said Atwood. "We're also expecting (tailback) T.R. Smith to have a big night behind those guys."
  The outlook for West Greene is to try putting the ball in the end zone when possible.
  Last week the Buffaloes fell 40-0 to Cherokee, as their defense wasn't too awful bad, but it was the offensive side that struggled the most.
  "We have to put some points on the board and give our defense some help," said West Greene coach Barry Carter. "All of our seniors are going to have to step up if we want too win."
  Unlike the Longhorns, the Buffaloes have a few health issues that are mainly the reflection of the flu and a virus.
  "We're in pretty good shape, but we've had a few kids out due to sickness," said Carter. "Hopefully we can kind of make it through it."
  West Greene will need to play a near perfect game in order to fend off the Longhorns', as this could be an important victory for the Buffaloes program.
  "Anytime you win it's good, so when they come down here we need to be ready for when they show up," said Carter. "Every game that you play is a big game."