EHS soccer tastes first home victory


  The Elizabethton Girls Soccer team had already felt the agony of defeat this season, so on Monday it was time to experience the thrill of victory.
  After last week's loss to Dobyns-Bennett, the Cyclones enjoyed their first win of the year against Davy Crockett, as a much better effort was given in their 6-1 final.
  "We thought tonight would be a lot closer to the competition we'd see throughout the season," Elizabethton girls soccer coach Bill McClay said. "We still have some technical issues with the pace of our passes and things. It's improved and our thinking was better, but we did have a little more time which helps."
  It started off slow for both team during the first five minutes of action, but it didn't take the Cyclones long afterwards to find their way to the goal.
  Brianne Gouge came up big for Elizabethton on the first period by capturing the first two goals.
  Gouge scored nine minutes into the contest after receiving an assist from Samantha McClay.
  The second goal came around the midway point of the first period, when McClay hooked up with Gouge for a second time to give the Cyclones a 2-0 lead.
  "What we've really tried to develop is when somebody else gets the ball, they'll score," he said. "Brianne has done that, for she had one against DB, and the first two goals tonight."
  Before the period ended, Elizabethton connected on another goal with Mara LaPorte making the execution on the kick after receiving a pass from Gouge.
  "What I was happy too see was Brianne scored a couple of goals and Mara did also," said Bill McClay. "I thought we played a lot better tonight and our conditioning tomorrow will show, but hopefully the emotion will get us over the top."
  Elizabethton enjoyed a 3-0 advantage at half-time, and two quick goals to start the second period helped put the icing on the cake.
  McClay who is the all-time goal leader for the Cyclones was phenomenal in the next twelve minute, as she scored three times to lead the way.
  "I thought we played really well, especially coming back from a major loss against DB," Samantha McClay said. "We passed well and everybody had a hand in it."
  Two minutes into the period McClay made the break to the goal to put the Cyclones up by four, and another score came briefly afterwards with Gouge making the assist.
  Davy Crockett finally got on the board with a shot from Melinda Levassuer, but it didn't take McClay long to respond once again.
  McClay captured her 87th career goal on a pass from Karin Kitchens, which gave her a total of three for the second period in just the first twelve minutes of play.
  "We actually contained the ball and possessed it, instead of just playing kick ball and kicking it around the field," Samantha McClay said. "We was scared to hold onto it and didn't kick it out of bounds or anything, for we passed it to our players."
  The Cyclones dictated the pace of the game for the remainder of regulation, as they virtually shut down the Pioneers from setting up a shot.
  "We made an adjustment defensively and I think we're pretty solid there," Bill McClay said. "They couldn't move the ball through the middle of the field for we always had players in the way."
  Elizabethton will travel to Liberty Bell today where they'll take on University High in their first conference test at 5 p.m.
  "UH beat Crockett also, so tomorrow will be a tough match," Bill McClay said. "The history we have with UH and the rivalry we have, I anticipate it to be a good game."