D-B cruises past Lady Cyclones

  By Marvin Birchfield
  star staff
  KINGSPORT--In its first matchup on the season, the Elizabethton girls soccer team exposed signs of "there's a lot of work ahead," as Dobyns-Bennett beat them in a 14-1 final on Tuesday night.
  The Indians will be the toughest competition the Lady Cyclones face this season, but a lack of aggression and attack on the ball is something they have to develop before the year is up.
  "The biggest problem was we watched more of the game than what we played," said Elizabethton coach Bill McClay. "When we anticipated or when we tried to contend with the ball, the game stayed in flux, so we backed out way too much."
  It took Dobyns-Bennett just five minutes into the contest before it captured its first goal on a shot by Annie Cooper with an assist from Caitlin Bendeck.
  Bendeck made a second assist on a pass to Janine Campbell, who scored the next two goals for the Indians.
  "In the jamboree Saturday we had mixed results, going 1-2-1, and tonight we made a little bit better improvements," said Dobyns-Bennett coach Bill McCloskey. "We have two big conference games coming up with Tennessee High and Science Hill, and we still have a lot of work to get ready for those two teams."
  The continuing defensive posture for the Cyclones was taking its toll in the first period, as the Indians were beating them on every break of the ball.
  "They were more tuned into the game -- we had a tendency to stand, and our decision-making was a second or two behind theirs," said McClay. "They exposed where we are weak tonight, but we don't want to throw everything out the window because most of the teams we play this season would probably be faced with the same result, and we have 14 more games left."
  Goals were scored by Amy Coleman and Elizabeth Faust before the half ended, which gave the Indians a 5-0 lead with less than five minutes left in the first period.
  There was not much offensive attack from the Cyclones in the first period, as a drive from Samantha McClay was derailed by several D-B defenders.
  Elizabethton was able to capture a goal with nearly a minute left in the period, when Samantha made a pass to a breaking Brianne Gouge. Gouge connected on a shot with several defenders closing, as the goal give the Cyclones some new spirit with a more energetic mood.
  "I got the kick off fast. They were closing in on me and it was a nice pass from Samantha," said Gouge. "They have a really good team and we had some errors, but we was able to get a goal, and we'll fix those errors and get better as the season goes on."
  Unfortunately for EHS, the intensity did not carry over in the second period, as a quick goal from Campbell inside to take the wind out of the sail.
  Elizabethton gave up nine goals in the second period, with some of them coming from mental mistakes and others from the physical conditioning.
  "A little of it was conditioning, and a little of it was the team being together just a couple of weeks and the season still early," said Bill McClay. "We were also experimenting with a little different formation than what we were used to running, which was designed for a player who is no longer with us. So it sometimes happens when you throw all of that in together and are playing with a team which is so consistent."
  Mariah Jansson connected with a couple of scores early in the second period for the Indians, but it was Darah Kurst who had a field day by knocking in four goals in nearly a 10-minute span.
  Kurst almost had a fifth goal captured, but a nice recovery from Abbie Jenkins deflected the ball out on a wide-open shot in front of the goal.
  The last goal of the night came from Diane Kurst, who won the battle down-low on a kick from the side.
  "One of the things we wanted to do was be more aggressive, and we wanted to run a more depth at them to keep some fresh legs going, and I thought we did a better job of keeping after it," said McCloskey. "It always nice to get your first win on the season, and we'll keep building on this and keep learning, so when we're in the big games we will do what we're supposed to do."
  The Cyclones will play next on Aug. 23 at 7 p.m., facing David Crockett at home.