Mets vanquish Twins

 By Wes Holtsclaw
 star staff
  KINGSPORT -- It was a lose-lose situation Sunday night.
  Backed behind a two-run double from Bryan Zech, the Kingsport Mets stole a seven-inning nightcap 6-4 from the Elizabethton Twins at Hunter-Wright Stadium.
  The Mets held off an Elizabethton comeback in the first game as well, with a three-run shot from Horace Lawrence to secure an 11-7 victory.
  A July rainout set up the first contest, with the Mets holding an 8-0 edge. The Twins came roaring back to make it a one-run game before Kingsport shut the unit down.
  "You can't shut it down when you get behind early like that," said Elizabethton manager Ray Smith. "I thought there might be a chance if we hit it and we did, but that three-run jack made us pay."
  In the second game, Elizabethton battled from three down to take a one-run lead before letting things slip away late.
  "Our command's not good enough and that will hurt you against a good offensive club," Smith said. "We couldn't make a kill shot."
  Kyle Waldrop had a tough time in his second Elizabethton appearance against the Mets.
  Josh Wyrick singled with an error and Russ Triplett was walked to open the second game for the Mets.
  Horace Lawrence singled Wyrick across the plate before Seth Pietsch and Felix Cerda followed with a sacrifice and single, respectively, to bring runs across the plate.
  Waldrop didn't give in after that, striking out seven batters and holding the Mets without another hit until the fifth inning.
  Elizabethton played consistent ball behind the plate through the fifth inning, where it took their lead.
  Landon Burt drove Luke Hughes across in the second inning with a sacrifice grounder, and Jeremy Pickrel doubled before scoring on a wild pitch and throwing error in the third inning.
  In the fourth, Johnny Woodard offered a solo shot over the right-field wall, and Deacon Burns doubled and scored on a wild pitch to give the Twins their edge in the fifth.
  However, Kingsport came right back. Rafael Arroyo walked and scored on a Lawrence single later in that frame. With Jason Bowlin on the mound, Jesus Gamero singled and Felix Cerda walked to set up Zech's two-run double which eventually sealed that contest.
  Jeff Brewer wound up with the win in that second game.
  Elizabethton's Tarrence Patterson led the first game with three hits and two ribbies, while teammate Deacon Burns provided a two-run single for the squad.
  Trevor Plouffe and Matt Tolbert also offered RBI hits while Johnny Woodard grabbed two hits with two runs.
  Gamera and Travis Garcia had two hits to lead the Mets in the first game. Garcia drove across two runs along with Zech, while Lawrence's homer gave him three ribbies.
  Dennis Medina took the loss in the opening game after dealing the majority of the Mets runs back in July. Marino Gonzalez earned the win for the Mets with his two innings of work last night.