EHS cheerleaders have stellar camp showing

from staff reports
  The Elizabethton High School cheerleaders recently returned from the National Cheerleaders Association summer camp. The camp was held at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. from June 15-18, and it's safe to say the Cyclone squad made its presence felt.
  The National Cheerleaders Association selects awards winners at each of the 1,100 camps it administers around the world each summer. The NCA, the largest privately held cheerleading organization in America, holds events for over 150,000 cheerleaders and dancers around the world.
  The Elizabethon High School cheerleaders received the following awards at the NCA summer camp they attended:
  All-American: The most prestigious award in cheerleading today, participants were judged on motion technique, jumps, tumbling, spirit, enthusiasm, voice projection and overall crowd appeal.
  Individuals who won this award are eligible to perform at various NCA Special Events. Cyclone cheerleaders who received All-American honors were Robin Hyder, Jill Thompson, Holly Hatfield, Annie Tull, Brandi Marshall, Jessi Eller, Erin Aubrey and Tabby Bentley.
  The EHS varsity also received the Champion Chant, in which teams competed on the last day of camp with a chant they had learned during the week.
  Hatfield really stepped to the fore by winning the Individual Leadership Award, which goes to the captain that displays the strongest leadership during the "Captains' Classes" and camp. This honor is carries a little added prestige because it is very difficult to achieve.
  The Spirit Stick Winner was presented to both the EHS junior varsity and varsity teams. The Spirit Sticks are presented to the squad showing the most sincere spirit and enthusiasm throughout the entire week at camp.
  Congratulations to all of the Cyclone winners.