Jr. Rangers run roughshod over West View

Photo By Rick Harris Unakaƕs Ryan Gouge cuts loose for a 33-yard scamper.

By Wes Holtsclaw
The Unaka Junior Rangers did it again Tuesday night.
Coming off a monstrous victory over Happy Valley, Unaka laid the smackdown on the West View Junior Pioneers behind a 150-yard rushing performance from Jeff Wilson with a 42-8 victory at Goddard Field.
The Rangers played solid defense all night with a combined seven sacks and three interceptions, with two pickoffs coming from Nick Papantoniou.
West View got the bulk of its rushing yardage in the fourth quarter after a 116 yards from Josh Nichols late in the game on the Unaka reserves.
"We're playing real well," said Unaka coach Matt Wilson. "We're on a roll. I'm just happy that we've got 36 kids now that's come out for football. That's what I wanted, to get more kids out playing, and the results are showing on the field."
"Everybody does their job out here," he said. "It's a total team effort. When you can keep people out of the end zone, defense is our game."
The Rangers got going in the second quarter after solid rushes from Wilson and Dustin Carden. A 13-yard pass from Carden to Papantoniou gave Wilson room for a four-yard scamper into the end zone.
Unaka carried things over on defense, getting the ball back inside its own 50. Wilson used some runs from Eric McNeil to lead into a 15-yard score after breaking four tackles and dragging three all over Stoney Creek.
The conversion put Unaka on top 16-0, but things were about to pick up again. On the next play, West View quarterback Trevor Richardson was picked off by McNeil, putting Wilson in position for another long score.
This time Wilson broke five tackles and shoved two Pioneers out of the way with a 35-yard score, with a conversion making it 24-0 in favor of the Rangers going into the half.
After a tough defensive stall, Unaka got going again in the third with one final scamper from Wilson. This time a 65-yard trip to paydirt to make it 30-0.
Papantoniou made his first pick on West View's next drive, setting up a long 33-yard run from Ryan Gouge. It allowed Matt Groskopf to break a five-yard score.
The Pioneers got things going in their next drive after a pair of long runs from Nichols. However, Papantoniou intercepted the ball in the end zone and ran 103 yards the other way with a score.
However, the touchdown was called back. But on the very next play Groskopf made it up to his teammate, behind the block of Drew "Travolta" Chambers, with a 71-yard score, making it 42-0.
West View got on the board right before time expired with a 55-yard run from Nichols. A conversion made it 42-8, but it was too little, too late as Unaka moves forward to its second outing against Happy Valley.
Added Jeff Wilson: "Our team played great tonight and the defense was tough. I just want to thank our quarterback Dustin Carden for a solid game."