West Side claims title

from staff reports
The Women's Church League softball championship was decided this past Saturday night as West Side Christian defeated first-year team Blue/Caldwell Springs to take the crown.
Prior to the championship, West Side defeated a tough Zion Baptist team, which finished the regular season with a 10-4 record. Blue/Caldwell Springs then faced Hopwood Christian in a tough battle which saw Blue/Caldwell advance to play Zion.
Zion had put Blue/Caldwell in the losers' bracket on Friday night, but the winner this time would be Blue/Caldwell.
Pitting the number one and two seeds of the tournament together for the championship tilt, the game was nip and tuck going into the top of the seventh, when West Side took a one-run lead.
Blue/Caldwell came to bat needing to respond, but the strong defense of West Side proved to be too much, giving West Side its fourth straight title, by a score of 13-12.
Donna Johnson of West Side was named MVP, and Donna Johnson of Central Church of Christ got the sportsmanship award.
After starting the first eight games with a 5-3 mark, West Side put together a streak of six wins to take the regular-season crown. Blue/Caldwell also finished with an 11-3 mark, but the tie-breaker went to West Side because they handed Blue/Caldwell two of its losses.
Zion finished ahead of Hopwood, followed by Sinking Creek.
The Elizabethton Park and Recreation organization sends a thank you to all fans, teams, players and umpires for making this a great season.