Barrett pitches Twins past Cardinals

By Wes Holtsclaw

   The Elizabethton Twins came out to Joe O'Brien Field last night looking to bounce their way back up in the division hunt. They sprung forward with some good baseball in their 7-2 victory over the Johnson City Cardinals.
   Ricky Barrett led the way for Elizabethton, striking out nine batters in six innings, only giving up one walk in his stretch.
   "He was very attack oriented," said Twins manager Ray Smith, "he battled and made good ones when he had to. We got six innings out of him, and we like to see his mentality out there."
   The Cards opened up with a bang in the first inning with a Mike McCoy single, but was dropped down with a quick double play early.
   The Twins came on with two singles from Trent Oeltjen and Doug Deeds, but the Johnson City defense was equally a force.
   Justin Hileman and Robinson Mojica landed singles in the second inning, though there were no runs for Johnson City, and nobody got on base for Elizabethton.
   Barrett stood tall on the mound like 'The Rock' in the third inning. After a Josh Bridges single, Barrett 'laid the smackdown' on the Cards with three consecutive strikeouts.
   Elizabethton battled strong with some boppers in their frame, but fell short with the infield plays.
   The Twins kept the defensive prowess in the fourth, turning the base switch off on Johnson City, and flipped it back on in the bottom of the inning.
   Dusty Goman got on base with a strikeout dooped by a wild pitch, setting up a Danny Matienzo RBI double to give the 'Betsy Bombers' a quick 1-0 lead.
   With good fifth inning defense on Johnson City, Elizabethton came back up in the fifth and busted it out on the Cards.
   Sam Taylor led off with a single, followed by a Trent Oeltjen E-1 play, setting up a Felix Molina RBI single. Doug Deeds walked to load the bases, when Dusty Goman struck out dropping two on the Twin ship.
   But Garret Guzman stepped up and sent a straight shot into center-field, rounding to third scoring the three on base to give Elizabethton a 5-0 lead.
   "Goozie just backspun him," said Smith, "That shot was a runaway child, it just took off. It was a tough play to make. When one guy doesn't do good, the back guy will do it. He's done a lot better for us."
   "I was going up there to get a hit," said Guzman, "I just wanted to hit the ball somewhere."
   Johnson City didn't do much until the seventh inning. Gabriel Veloz got on with a single for Elizabethton, when Robinson Mojica got on with an E-4.
   A throwing error allowed Veloz to score, setting up an RBI single from Josh Bridges, closing the gap at 5-2. But the Twins weren't through.
   Dusty Goman took a base with a fielders choice early, followed by a Garret Guzman single. Danny Matienzo stepped up with an RBI shot, followed by a Scott Whitrock RBI double pulling the Twins to a 7-2 lead.
   The game would close with two good innings from Joshua Hill and Ryan Smith on the mound for Elizabethton, with Smith striking out the side in the ninth inning to give the Twins a 7-2 win.
   Elizabethton faces Johnson City again tomorrow night at Joe O'Brien Field for Church Bulletin Night. Bring your church bulletin and get into the game for free. Game time is at 7 P.M.