Braves take Twins at home, 3-2

from staff reports

  DANVILLE, Va.--The Elizabethton Twins took a one run loss to the Danville Braves last night in the first of an eight away games with a 3-2 decision.
  J.C. Holt put the first run on the board for the Braves in the bottom of the first off a Brandon Jones single into left field.
  The Twins put two on the board in the second. Javier Lopez opened with a walk. David Winfree singled to right field and Johnny Woodard walked to load the bases. Timothy Lahey grounded out to second and the Braves turned out a double play at second and first. Winfree advanced to third and Lopez earned the run.
  Luke Hughes was then hit by a pitch. Tarrence Patterson then doubled, pushing Hughes to third and WInfree to homeplate.
  Clint Sammons tied up the game in the third after Keith Eichas grounded out to second. Sammons then scored the winning run in the bottom of the sixth.
  Sammons lead the Braves going 2-for-2. Luke Hughes went 2-for-1. Lopez and Plouffe went 3-for-1.
  Kelvin Villa (2-0) took the win and Danny Smith took home his first save. David Shinskie (2-2) took the loss.