Davis spearheads Barracuda effort  in championships   

from staff reports

  The East Tennessee Summer Swim League held its 2004 championship meet on Saturday, and Preston Davis made sure the Elizabethton Barracudas got a taste of victory.
  Swimming a 27.92 in the boys 8-and-under, 25-yard breaststroke, Davis recorded the team's lone first-place finish in the nine-team event at Sullivan South High School.
  Under the direction of coach Jonell Johnson, the 'Betsy Barracudas made a respectable fifth-place showing (222 points) as the Aqua Jets Aquatic Club took top honors with 752 points.
  Although Elizabethton mustered only one first-place swim, it had plenty of top fives, including second-place efforts by Danielle Miller (23.44) in the girls 10-and-under 25 breaststroke, Justin Stanley (48.19), boys 14-and-under 50 backstroke; Sydney Farthing (23.13), girls 8-and-under 25 backstroke; and Marcus Hill (1:52.74), boys 14-and-under 100 individual medley.
  Third-place performances for Elizabethton came from Miller (20.51), girls 10-and-under 25 backstroke; Ruth Ann Johnson (1:13.92), girls 14-and-under 100 individual medley; and Luke Martinez (51.07), boys 12-and-under 50 breaststroke
  Farthing, Hannah Hulshult, Carolyne Miller and Katie Pless (1:40.90) added a third-place showing for the Barracudas in the girls 8-and-under 100 freestyle relay, as did Amanda Walker, Ruth Ann Johnson, Keely Hamm and Tayler Mollish (2:22.98) in the girls 14-and-under 200 freestyle relay, and Jonell Johnson, Walker, Alisha Padgett and Mollish (2:14.35) in the girls senior 200 freestyle relay.
  Finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, for 'Betsy in the girls 14-and-under 50 butterfly were Walker (34.51) and Ruth Ann Johnson (34.64).
  Ruth Ann finished fourth (39.34) in the girls 14-and-under breaststroke while Walker was fifth (1:18.86) in the girls 14-and-under 100 individual medley.
  Pless added a fourth-place effort (24.35) in the girls 8-and-under 25 backstroke, and took fifth (22.03) in the girls 8-and-under 25 freestyle. The girls 14-and-under 50 backstroke saw Mollish finish fifth (39.40).
  Other top five finishes by the Barracudas in boys events include Davis, fourth (27.53) in the 8-and-under 25 butterfly, and fourth (20.48) in the 8-and-under 25 freestyle; Stanley, fifth (35.61) in the 14-and-under 50 freestyle; and Hill, fifth (56.86) in the 14-and-under 50 backstroke.
  Elizabethton's girls 14-and-under 100 medley relay squad of Pless, Ruth Ann Johnson, Danielle Miller and Stephanie Egeler finished fourth (1:29.45), while the Barracuda boys 100 freestyle relay team of Josh Harrison, Zeke Miller, Bo Pless and Davis came in fifth (1:58.76).
  Thanks to Carolyne Miller, sixth (26.23) in the girls 8-and-under backstroke, and Mollish, sixth (1:25.29) in the girls 14-and-under 100 individual medley, Elizabethton had three of the top six swimmers in both events.