D-Backs deny Tigers

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

  The David's Trophies Tigers and Baughman Manufacturing Diamondbacks had their rematch last night, and the Diamondbacks came out ahead 8-1 in the Elizabethton Boys & Girls Club Pee-Wee Tournament Championship.
  Because the championship tournament is double-elimination, the Tigers will have another opportunity against the D-Backs on Thursday at 6 p.m. for the final game that will decide who walks away in first and who walks away with second place.
  The D-backs got on the board in the first. Jesse Honeycutt hit a single to the shortstop. Jeff Kennedy rolled a grounder to third in what should have been a single, but a throwing error allowed Honeycutt and Kennedy to make it around the bases.
  Justin Wandell hit a fly to first, but first baseman Landon Grindstaff got under it. Alex Baughman and Drew Holtsclaw both grounded to the shortstop for singles, but Baughman would get caught out at third. Dawson Fair struck out to close the frame.
  Andrew Whitson batted first for the Tigers, grounded out to the shortstop and got tagged at first. Hunter Pierson struck out, but Corey Walker backed him up with a solid single up the middle. Christopher Johnson attempted a single up to third, but Andy Bowers made the throw to Baughman for the third out.
  The D-Backs went three up, three down in the top of the second, but Luke Gilbert opened up the bottom frame for the Tigers with a line drive past second base for a triple. Colton Elliott hit a short single, but reached around to third off an error, and Gilbert made the only run for the Tigers.
  In the top of the fourth, Wandell and Holtsclaw both added runs for the D-backs.
  The D-Back defense would hold up like a brick wall throughout the rest of the game, including a great double play in the bottom of the fourth. Johnson was at bat and knocked a grounder to third baseman, Andy Bowers. Bowers tagged third for the force out on Pierson, then threw to first before Johnson made it to the plate.
  A 4-1 lead wasn't enough for the D-Backs, and they added on four more runs in the fifth to widen out their lead.
  "They played pretty well and played good defense," Diamondback head coach Rick Baughman said. "In this league, if you play defense and hit the ball real good, you usually do pretty well. When we go against them on Thursday night, I hope we come in ready to play."