Raceway Cubs outlast EFC Angels to title

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

  Roger & Mary's Raceway Market Cubs defeated the Elizabethton Fitness Center Angels 17-14 on Monday to win the Boys & Girls Club Pee-Wee Girls Tournament
  Both teams had strong hits in the game and ran the bases well, but the Cubs took the lead in the first and never gave it up until the fourth, but managed to take it back.
  "I am tickled to death," Cubs head coach Wes Frazier said. "That was a real good game. Both teams played tough. We came out and wanted it a little bit more, I guess. These girls have come out these past five or six games and played strong defense. They have been hitting the ball. These girls have been paying attention all year."
  Molly Mains opened up the game with a grounder to third, but was out at first. Christine Hardin struck out, but Caley Hodge went behind her and hit an in-the-park home run into center field for the first run. Kelsey Mains grounded a double past third and Lacey Reed singled to third.
  Lindsey Dugger then decided that her team could have another homer in the same frame and brought in two runners with her. Morgan Depew and Victoria Nanney both knocked the ball up the middle, but Nanney was thrown out by pitcher Erin Kiser.
  The Cubs opened up with a solid single by Axie McQueen. Sarah Weddle then singled past first. Keyla Baker struck out but Kiser singled up third for an RBI. Katrina Wiggins singled to the short stop, but an error turned it into a double and two RBIs. Chelsey Weddle doubled past third and opened up the door for Wiggins. Kelsey Frazier doubled over first for an RBI.
  Taylor Grindstaff singled up the middle and Emily Harris singled to third to load up the bases. Camrie Warren struck out, but McQueen grounded out to third for a double and Frazier and Grindstaff both scored runs. Sarah Weddle singled to the shortstop for an RBI and Baker also had a solid single. Kiser sent the ball up the middle and Sarah Weddle was out at second.
  Down 8-4 going into the second, Sophie Bremer got on base but was never brought around for the Angels. The Cubs brought Chelsey Weddle, Grindstaff and Harris around to increase their lead to 11-4.
  Hodge homered for the Angels again way out into left field in the third for two more runs, and the Cubs brought Kiser around for one run.
  In the top of the fourth, the Angels had an eight-run rally, including an in-the-park homer by Victoria Nanney, but the Cubs would add four more to the board in the fourth and fifth to secure their lead.
  "Considering the circumstances and being the underdogs, I thought they fought real hard," Angels head coach Harold Mains said of his players. "They were down 9-4 and came back. I am proud of them. They didn't hang their heads. One thing that is true is that the best teams played for the championship, and the best team won. That is just how it goes."