Braves, Tigers forge ahead   

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

  The East Tennessee Electric Braves advanced through the boys pee-wee tournament losers' bracket Saturday when they defeated McClain's Exterminating Red Sox in an 8-3 decision.
  The first inning was a stalemate, but in the bottom of the second the Braves put themselves on the board with a single hit to second from Isiah Vaughn. Eli Hyder struck out, but Joseph Matherly found his way to first after a grounder to the mound. Matthew Bales bunted for a single.
  Hunter Ward sent a double past third and opened up the back door for Vaughn and Matherly to run home. Brandon Lynch rolled a grounder to the shortstop in what should have been a single, but an error turned it into a triple and Bales and Ward both earned runs. Austin Millsaps sent his hit to second, but he was tagged out at first. Lynch earned in a run before Aaron McHone struck out to end the inning.
  The Braves held their five-run lead until the fourth when they turned it into an eight-run lead. Vaughn, Matherly and Bales extended the lead further.
  The Red Sox didn't get on the board until the sixth inning. Kurt Lunceford sent a single past the shortstop. Justin Grindstaff sent his up the first-base line and was caught out, then Chris Range sent his hit up the mound for a single. Josh Henegar hit a grounder up between first and second and loaded the bases.
  From there Michael Fowler sent a grounder up third and brought in Lunceford for the first run, then Adam Dugger had a hit up the middle for a single an a RBI. Jacob Blankenship tagged his single to the shortstop for the third run, but Deyton Henley's grounder up third caught Fowler out.
  "They played a good game and they hit the ball," Braves head coach Wayne Fisher said. "They hit better than they have all year. They made some good bunts and did some really good base running."
  "We played a good game," Red Sox head coach Ken Hardin said. "They made a few mistakes that hurt us a bit but they hit the ball. They [the Braves] deserve the win. I am just really proud of my guys. We have had a great year."
  Tigers 6
  Diamondbacks 1
  In the only winner's bracket game of the day, David's Trophy Tigers upset the Baughman Manufacturing Diamondbacks in a 6-1 decision. The Diamondbacks will have to win their game on Monday to put themselves back in to the winners' bracket final. The Tigers will face the winner of that game on Tuesday at 6 p.m. to earn the championship title.
  "Nobody else has done that this year," Tigers head coach Jimmy Price said when referring to keeping the Diamondbacks to only one run. "Our defense is what kept us in the game. The way they played and the way they hit, it just all came together."
  The Tigers opened up the game with Andrew Whitson's grounder to the mound, but was caught out at first. Hunter Pierson laid down a single to first and Chris Johnson sent a single up the middle. Cory Walker put his single up the middle as well to load up the bases.
  Luke Gilbert rolled his grounder to third to open the door for Pierson, but Johnson was tagged out at third. Colton Elliott grounded out to the mound to load the bases back up, but Landon Grindstaff's single to third caught Gilbert out at third.
  Jesse Honeycutt opened up the bottom of the first for the Diamondbacks with a single to the shortstop. Daniel Adams belted his single past first base, then Justin Wandell grounded out to third for an RBI, but Adams would get tagged out at second.
  Alex Baughman sent his single to the shortstop but Drew Holtsclaw had his fly caught out at second by Johnson, and Baughman was caught off base at first.
  The Tigers up another one on the board in the third with a run by Pierson, and tagged on four more in the top of the sixth to lock in the game.
  "We just didn't hit there but we played good defense," Diamondbacks head coach Rick Baughman said. "Don't take anything away from them -- they played pretty good. The only thing we can do now is hope to work our way out of the losers' bracket. I think they will make a better showing next game."