Angels, Braves triumphant in girls tourney   

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

  The Sports Zone Braves defeated Maupin's Exxon Orioles in a 21-20 decision in girls' pee-wee tournament action on Saturday morning. The Braves would have a tough morning though after defeating the Orioles, when they then took on the Fitness Center Angels and lost, 12-10.
  Both the Braves and the Orioles had some good hitting, including six home runs, to bring it to a down to the wire game.
  "Both teams played with a lot of heart," Braves head coach Scott Bare said. "I give it to the other team as well -- both teams fought hard. It was just a well-fought game."
  Haley Lewis opened up the game for the Braves with a single hit to left field. Ashley Brickey and Amanda Shepherd both had grounders sent to third for singles. Lewis would get tagged out at home after Shepherd's hit.
  Logan Campbell had her grounder roll past third for a double and an RBI. Amber Plumer then had a solid hit to right-center field for a double and opened the back door for Shepherd and Campbell to come home.
  Emily Wandell had her fly dropped and made it safely to first. Lindsey Smith then had a good hit to left center for two RBIs. Mandy Largent then struck out before Brenna McKinney had a hit into right field, but was tagged out going to second.
  Kelli Bradley opened up the bottom of the first with a single up the middle, then Samantha Hardin struck out, but Cheyenne Blevins had a double drop into left-center field. Jenna Markland followed with a grounder to third for a single and an RBI. From there Jessica Burleson grounded one to the shortstop for a single and opened the door for Blevins to come home.
  After Lacie Blevins had a grounder to third, but Markland would get out on third. Then Brittany Matherly would ground one up to third, but Burleson also got tagged out at third. That left the Braves with a three-run lead.
  The Braves would have six runs in the top of the second including a triple by Logan Campbell. Laura Nave would open up with a homer for the Orioles, but it would be their only run until the third.
  Brickey homered in the fourth for two of the Braves' four runs, but the Orioles came back with five, including another opening homer, this time by Bradley, who made it around to home before the ball ever left the outfield.
  Campbell had her long drive drop into left center for a homer and three RBIs in the fifth for a 21-8 lead going into the bottom of the fifth.
  Markland and Burleson came up with back-to-back triples and shortened the trail to 21-15. The Braves went three-up, three-down in the sixth, but the Orioles could only squeeze out five out of the six runs needed to tie the game.
  "I am proud of my girls," Bare said. "When they got down and starting making plays, they didn't give up."
  Angels 12
  Braves 10
  The Braves put on another good show against the Angels in a another game that could have went either way.
  Molly Mains opened up the game with a single hit over the shortstop for the Angels. Christine Hardin then drove one up the middle, but Mains was caught out at second. Caley Hodge struck out, but Kelsey Mains had a hit into left field for a triple and brought Hardin around for the run. Lacey Reed had a double to second for an RBI.
  Lindsey Dugger then had a single up the middle, but Morgan Depew's single to first would catch her out.
  Haley Lewis opened up the bottom of the first the right way with a home run sent into right field. Ashley Brickey then sent a single to the short stop. Amanda Shepherd then sent a triple into center field for an RBI. Logan Campbell sent a single to the short stop for a RBI, but Amber Plumer would strikeout behind her. Emily Wandell then sent her hit up the middle but Campbell was caught at second. Lindsey Smith put her hit in the same place with the same result for Wandell.
  The second inning was about as good as defense you can ask for, with four batters in each frame and no runs. The Braves kept up that defense in the top of the third when Plumer at shortstop and Campbell on first made two quick outs on Courtney Blevins and Haley Phillips. The Angels' Molly Mains and Hardin both put runs on the board in the third, but the Braves had a six-run rally, including a three-run triple by Wandell for a 9-4 lead.
  The Angels would get that lead down slowly with two runs in the fourth and five in the fifth, including a three-run double by Kelsey Mains. The Angels had one more in the sixth, but the Braves would get weary offensively and only have one more run in the fifth.
  "They were down 9-4 and then they score seven straight, so that shows you what kind of girls we have to come back today," Angles head coach Harold Mains said. The Angels, who had been the team to beat all season, were defeated on Friday night by the Cubs.
  "Kelsey, Lindsey and Lacey are our older girls and leaders, and they came through for us," he said. "Even the bottom of the order came through. It pleases me to see them happy, but saddens me about the other team. That is what bothers me, but both teams can't win. We are pleased with them and we will see what happens on Monday."
  "They were worn out, but they kept their heads in and played their hearts out," Bare said. "I am very proud of them. They came out here and didn't give up until the last out. It was a very well played game by both teams.
  "I want to thank my parents, players and everybody," Bare said. "We have had an excellent season. I am just very proud of all of them."