Red Sox get past Yanks in elimination game

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

   The Red Sox and the Yankees played what may possibly be the most intense Pee-Wee game of the season. It was loser-go-home in this losers' bracket game, but both teams played as if they were in a championship.
   The Red Sox came out victorious, 4-2, after seven innings played under the lights.
   "That was the best pee-wee game," Red Sox coach Ken Hardin said. "Nobody gave up. Nobody quit and that is all you can ask for. They made the plays and I am proud of them.
   "Both teams put up a hard fight," he said. "Nobody quit and they made some really good plays that you don't normally see at this age. I was real proud of both teams. They have a good time and that is the main thing at this age. "
   The Red Sox opened up the top of the first with Patton Henley's single to the shortstop. Marcus Fowler then had a single to third, but Henley was tagged out at second. Daylen Blevins also had a single that turned into an out for Fowler.
   Then Cody McClain had a hit into right-center field for a single and an RBI to put his team on the board. Aaron Miller then had a grounder to first and was tagged out by pitcher Chris Fenner.
   The offense would go stale through the second until the fifth innings, but defensively both teams put up a fight.
   The Yankees had a tagged out at home from their catcher William Shaw in the third, a throw from third to first for an out in the fourth and a double play in the fifth by Cameron Blair at shortstop, Dustin Phillips at first and Shaw at home.
   The Red Sox put another run on the board in the fifth with a single infield home run by Troy Sproviero. The Yankees answered back with one run off a double by Dustin Phillips.
   The Red Sox went three-up, three-down for the top of the sixth and the Yanks would tie it with a sacrifice bunt from Fenner to roll the game into the seventh inning.
   Daylen Blevins had a triple, and he and McClain both had runs in the bottom, and they kept the Yankees held down in the top to win the game.