Crush needs funding for World Series

from staff reports

   The Orange Crush, a locally based 16-under girls softball team, was on the ultimate high. They had just qualified for the World Series in Panama City, Fla., by taking a hard-fought tournament in Summerville, S.C., on June 20 to qualify for the Series as well as being ranked first in the state.
   All appeared to be as sunny as the hot, clear beaches of Panama City until the shocking and numbing passing of STAR Publisher Charles Robinson.
   Robinson was one of the founders and a current board member of the Crush as well as proud father of Jessica Robinson, a pitcher on the squad.
   The team's parents felt like the emotional loss of Robinson would be too much to handle and were ready to throw in the towel on the tournament. But, with an undaunting resolve, the Crush has vowed to play in the World Series as a tribute to Charles, one of its staunch supporters.
   Now the team must overcome another obstacle by raising the funds in a short four days needed to travel to Florida after losing Charles, who was spearheading the fundraising for the trip.
   Presently, letters have been sent to local businesses from the board requesting donations to be used in covering the team's expenses. It will take $1,000 per player to make the trip from July 17 through July 25 for the 12 players on the team.
   If anyone would like to support the Orange Crush's efforts, they may contact Rob Edgar at 423-426-1432 or send the donation to the Orange Crush at 206 Mayfield Drive in Elizabethton.
   The Crush would appreciate any donation that the community can make in helping it to honor the memory of Charles -- the team's number one fan, friend, father, and leader.