Elizabethton National club successful in bid for state

By Tim Chambers

   JOHNSON CITY--It's not Charlotte, North Carolina, but the Elizabethton National 11-year-old all-star team could not care less.
   They are state tournament bound en route to Charlotte, Tennessee, which will host the 11-year-old Little League all-star state tournament.
   Coach Richard Sheffield's orange and black express cruised through the local scene, laying a 15- 4 thumping on Daniel Boone Thursday night to claim the zone and district titles.
   The boys from 'Betsy were hotter than melted marshmallows cooked over an open flame throughout the contest.
   With some sizzling bats and a rock solid defense, the orange and black regime was too much for the Boone all-stars to overcome.
   Exploding for six runs in the first inning, 'Betsy proved that the coonskin hat might have been atop of ole Dan, but it was Elizabethton which was atop on the scoreboard.
   Daniel Boone might have been a big man but on this night, but the 11-year-old 'Betsy stars were the big dog of the tournament.
   Stacey Sheffield was strong on the hill, going the distance to get the win.
   C.J. Bowling had a monster game at the plate, going 3 for 3. Josh Peterson added a 3-for-4 effort while Casey Sheffield and Taylor Gouge rang up two in the win.
   Jake Howell, Stacey Sheffield, Sean Bentley, Clayton Ray, Lucas Birchfield, Clayton Ray and Brooks Cochran chipped in with one hit each.
   Nick Campbell, Seth Fleenor, Corey Beam and Cody Hill had outstanding performances in the game as well.
   "These boys played with sure heart and determination," stated E-National manager Richard Sheffield. "Each player had a big role in us getting here."
   "I also want to thank my two coaches, Phil 'Mouse' Vines and Mike Fleenor. They deserve much of the credit for the good job they did with these boys.
   "We have practiced many times two-a-day, and everyone has been supportive. I want to thank each and everyone who had a part in this. I hope we can go and make a good showing for Elizabethton."