Mountain Empire Warriors get  help from city commissioners

from staff reports

   JOHNSON CITY -- The Mountain Empire Warriors have had their share of challenges this inaugural season.
   Helmets were not ready to go for the team until minutes before the season opener at Chapin, S.C. They have to practice on an unmarked field at Johnson City Boys and Girls Club due to financial restraints.
   Two majority investors backed out because of personal reasons less than a month before the season opener. Then, contract disputes led to confusion as to where the home games would be played, just a week before Saturday's home opener at Memorial Field, formally Spurrier Field.
   But, as the Chapin Timberwolves realized in their 27-0 loss two weeks ago, these Warriors are tough to bring down.
   Just as Brandon Walker and Charles Sutton took on blow after blow, refusing to go down until they reached the goal line, General Manger Gordon Littleford has refused to let the myriad of obstacles stop him from giving the area a chance to be thrilled by a top-notch football team.
   The Johnson City City Commission initially was asking $67,500 up front for the use of the field forfive games plus 50 percent gross of all concessions and product sales.
   This cost was composed of $3,500 per game plus a $50,000 letter of credit to be used in the event that the teams or the crowd damage Memorial Field.
   Even though the Warriors' insurance would cover such damage, the city commission said the letter of credit was needed to quickly make major field repairs if needed since one game would be played on Science Hill's field after the Hilltoppers' season starts.