C.C. Royals take close game with HC Dodgers

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

   In day two of the Boys & Girls Club boys' tee-ball tournament, the Carter County Motors Royals beat out the Horseless Carriage Dodgers in an 18-17 decision.
   "That was a tough one for the first tournament game of the season," Royals coach Roger Matherly said. "We have had a rough year, but we did pretty well today. I hope we can go on and do well tomorrow and throughout the tournament."
   Nick Hurley opened up the game for the Dodgers with a single to the shortstop, then Caleb Howell's fly to first was caught out. Wyatt Hall then laid down a single, followed by Lucas Hurley and Tyler Hurley singles, which brought in the first run.
   James Proffit then had a single towards third for an RBI.
   Logan Slone then ended up with a triple and opened the back door for Tyler Hurley and Proffit to come home.
   From there, Christian Yates hit an impressive home run over the fence for two runs. Lexi Tolley knocked her hit to the mound, but was caught out on first. Taylor Hurley then knocked on up the middle past second for a double. Duncan Hodge and Ashley Yates both were tagged out at first, but Yates brought Taylor Hurley around for another run.
   Josh Hitchcock then laid an impressive hit into center field for a double. Tanner Treadway grounded his hit to the shortstop. Hitchcock made his way around home plate before Treadway was tagged at second.
   Nathanael Henegar opened up the batting for the Royals with a solid single. Then Kim Swearinger knocked a triple past third for an RBI. Justin Seaboch would get tagged out at first, but Swearinger would make it home for run No. 2. Corey Matherly backed his team up with a triple past the shortstop.
   Then Dylan Tolley banks one into left field for a single and an RBI. Garrett Carpenter also had a solid single into left field. Jordan Seaboch knocked his hit up the middle for a single and an RBI, but Carpenter would get tagged out at second.
   After Nash Eryasa planted his up the middle as well for an RBI, Justin Keys made the third out and the field was cleared.
   Will Schaff would get caught out on first after his hit up to third. Dustin Ollis then had a single roll past the shortstop. Raven Blevins then had a short single for an RBI. Henegar would finish out the first frame with a single to the shortstop, but Blevins was tagged out at second, giving the Dodgers a two-run lead.
   The Dodgers would come out in the second with four more runs to add to the board, but the Royals banked in 10 for a 16-12 lead going into the third.
   The Dodgers then came out with five more runs in the third, but the Royals only needed two to win the game, which they did with only four batters.
   "They were fair today," Dodgers coach Kevin Hall said. "They needed a little help, but we are out here to teach them to play and have some fun."