Colbaugh, Oliver taste plenty of success during CCL careers

By Adam Buckles
STAR Correspondent

   Amy Colbaugh and Lacey Oliver ended their softball careers on a high note Thursday night, as they and Miller's Plumbing defeated Peters' Concrete 3-1 for the tournament championship in Carter County League.
   Now that their careers are over, Amy and Lacey can just sit back and wish their teammates on.
   The two have been playing softball for seven years, dating back to 1998, when the league was founded.
   "They've won five tournament championships, and they've won four regular season titles out of the seven years they have been here," said Miller's Plumbing coach Dale Colbaugh, who's also Amy's father.
   "I think I've learned a lot about softball these past seven years," said Amy. "I believe friendships and teamwork have really helped."
   Said Dale about Amy: "She's been a good solid hitter and a great fielder. Her attitude has been great and she gets along with everybody real good."
   Amy can just about play anywhere in the field. She stands out great in the middle of the infield and great in the outfield, while Lacey can play anywhere involving the infield.
   "Lacey has played great all year at third. She pitched real well last year for us, but she didn't get to throw this year, due to shoulder problems," remarked Dale.
   Lacey not only stars for Miller's Plumbing, she also stars for the Hampton Lady Bulldog basketball squad.
   "I've made a lot of friends, and I've made friends for life. I believe my game has improved -- these past seven summers have been great," stated Lacey, "but it can't compare to the friendships for the rest of my life I've made in softball."
   The playing field is one thing they star on, but they also star in the classroom. Amy averages a GPA of 3.8, while Lacey comes in with a 3.76.
   "I think it's been a good experience for her," said Betsy Oliver, the mother of Lacey.
   Amy hopes she can later be a teacher or work as a medical nurse. Lacey wishes that she can be a pharmacist or have a career in medical field.
   Amy is the daughter of Dale and Gloria Colbaugh, and has one sister, Hannah. She is the granddaughter of Jo Ann Colbaugh and Hunter and Wanda Bowers. She attends Union Hill Free Will Baptist Church.
   Lacey is the daughter of Kelly and Betsy Oliver, and has one (little) brother, Joe. Her grandparents are Wesley and Kathleen White and Janet Oliver. Lacey attends Caldwell Springs Baptist Church.
   Although their season is over, you can catch them next Thursday at 6 and 7:30 p.m. in the All-Star Games.