Cookie's Cubs: pitching machine league regular-season champions

By Ivan Sanders

   When the softball pitching machine league started a couple of months ago, no one gave the Cookie's Hair Design Cubs a chance of finishing as the regular-season league champ.
   Yet, when the dust cleared and the cleats were hung up, the Cubs had blazed a trail to the championship with an outstanding 9-1 league record.
   More impressive was the fact the team averaged 18 runs per contest and allowed its opponents an average of four runs over the 10-game season.
   "These kids knew what to do with the ball when it was hit to them," stated Cubs manager Wes Frazier. "They could make the play at any base from the infield and the outfielders knew exactly where to throw the ball to get it back into play."
   New players made a major impact on the team, even though five of these players were only seven years old playing against girls that were as old as 12.
   Camry Warren, Emily Carr, Taylor Grindstaff, McKinley Self and Rachel Carter more than made up for their age by contributing at key times during the season.
   When it came to offensive output, the team relied on four players that provided the big punch to open the door for its large scoring barage during the season.
   Erin Kiser, Megan 'Mo' Ocano, Chelsey Weddle, and Keyla Baker all carried big sticks for the Cubs, with each girl possessing the muscle to hit a home run at any point in a game.
   Furthermore, consistency was a mark for the banner year with Sarah Weddle, Emily Harris and Kelsey Frazier pitching in with base hits while supplying solid defensive work in the field.
   "These girls were amazing because they executed everything just like we taught them in practice," said coach Mark Weddle. "They just went out and got the job done every time they stepped on the field."
   "The most shocking thing to me was the fact the young girls went out there and managed to play as well as the older, more experienced players," added coach Mike Harris.
   The team put the finishing touches on the season with a big pool party at Quail Hollow clubhouse where each girl received a trophy for the outstanding season. West Market St. Dairy Queen and Little Caesars made for a great banquet meal and treat.