Missing several swimmers, Barracudas claim third place in Kingsport meet

from staff reports

   KINGSPORT -- The Elizabethton Barracudas placed third in a meet against the Aqua Jets, Ridgefield Country Club and Legion Pool on Tuesday night.
   The Aqua Jets won with 694 points, followed by Ridgefield Country Club with 498, Elizabethton with 189 and Legion Pool with 124.
   The 'Betsy team was short several swimmers, including standouts Briana McManus and Kyle Owens.
   Helping the team make up for lost points, swim dad Harrison Farthing made his swimming debut, placing fourth in the open boys 50-yard freestyle.
   Many Elizabethton swimmers continued to improve on their best times.
   Coach Jonell Johnson feels that if she could just get about 10 more swimmers to join the team next summer, she could have one of the top teams in the league.
   "Comparing Elizabethton athletes with others in the league, I feel that my swimmers as a group have better technique," she said. "They have a good time together and really cheer each other on, but they are serious about improving each time they enter the water.
   "It's a joy to work with such a good group of kids and their families!"
   Elizabethton's individual results are as follows:
   -- Sydney Farthing, 8-and-under girl: 4th place, 25-yd. freestyle; 4th place,
   2nd place, 25-yd. backstroke, 5th place, 25-yd. butterfly.
   -- Cassie Snyder, 12-and-under girl: 4th place, 50-yd. freestyle; 4th place 50-yd. breaststroke; 3rd place, 50-yd. butterfly.
   -- Amanda Walker, 12-and-under girl: 1st place, 100 yd. individual medley; 3rd place, 50 yd. freestyle; 1st place, 50-yd. butterfly.
   -- Megan Andrews, 14-and-under girl: 3rd place, 50-yd. breaststroke; 4th place, 50-yd. backstroke; 4th place, 50-yd. butterfly.
   -- Keely Hamm, 14-and-under girl: 5th place, 50-yd. freestyle; 5th place, 50-yd. breaststroke, 5th place, 50-yd. backstroke.
   -- Ruth Ann Johnson, 14-and-under girl: 1st place, 100 individual medley; 1st place, 50-yd. freestyle; 1st place, 50-yd. butterfly
   -- Justin Stanley, 14-and-under boy: 4th place, 50-yd. freestyle; 4th place, 50-yd. breaststroke; 3rd place, 50-yd. backstroke.
   -- Harrison Farthing, open boy (15 and older): 4th place, 50-yd. freestyle.
   -- Ali McNeely, open girl: 6th place, 50-yd. freestyle; 4th place, 50-yd. backstroke.
   -- Trish McNeely, open girl: 5th place, 50-yd. breaststroke; 3rd place, 50-yd. backstroke.
   -- Allissa Walker, open girl: 5th place, 100-yd. individual medley; 3rd place, 50-yd. breaststroke; 6th place, 50-yd. butterfly.
   -- Audra Walker, open girl: 6th place, 100-yd. individual medley; 3rd place, 50-yd. freestyle; 4th place, 50-yd. butterfly.
   -- Competing in the 14-and-under division of the girls 200-yd. freestyle relay, Amanda Walker, Keely Hamm, Megan Andrews and Ruth Ann Johnson placed 2nd.
   -- Trish and Ali McNeely, and Allissa and Audra Walker placed 4th in the girls open 200 freestyle relay.