National League All-Stars set for zone competition

By Ivan Sanders

   T.J. Burleson Little League Field has seen a bevy of action this past week, with three age groups of the National Little League All Stars preparing for the upcoming zone tournaments.
   Manager Richard Sheffield and his coaching staff of Mike Fleenor and Phil Vines have been attempting to mesh a quality group of 9 & 10-year olds into a fine-tuned baseball machine.
   The members of the team are as follows: Casey and Stacey Sheffield, Seth Fleenor, Zach Miller, Austin Johnson, Lucas Burchfield, Jake Howell, C.J. Bowling, Dylan Carr, Brooks Cochran, Taylor Gouge and Cody Hill.
   On the 11-year old side of the ball, a tough group of All Stars are wrapping up final preparations for competition in their age bracket.
   The responsibility of making sure this group has been adequately prepped falls on the shoulders of manager Jerry Hodges with assistance from coaches B.J. Guinn and Randy Smith.
   Filling out the 11-year old National League All-Stars are the following boys selected by the league: Jordan Hodges, Jacob Davis, Joe Guinn, Ethan Fleenor, Chase Depew, Drew Chambers, Michael Hutchins, Jake Hodge, Cody Hyder, Justin Bailey, Matt February and Sumner Garland.
   Once again, the 12-year old group carries some talented young men, a team that certainly can't be taken for granted in the tournament. The team will be guided by a manager who has experienced much success this season in leading the Twins to the National League title -- Bill McKinney.
   McKinney has called upon the services of Jeff Dykes and Ken Crapps to help make sure that this year's edition of All-Stars will be revved and ready to roll.
   Selections to the 2003 team were as follows: Ben McKinney, Chris Dunbar, Lance Reed, Garrett Dykes, Justin Fuqua, Zack Montgomery, Bradley McVey, Nolan Childers, Craig Sheets, Jordan Meredith, Jerry Berkley and Casey Crapps.
   With a talented group of players representing the National League, there are high hopes of all three teams having an opportunity to win its respective age bracket.