EHS building future with tennis camp

By Matt Hill

   Elizabethton High School tennis coach Danny O'Quinn enjoyed taking his girls team to the state this past spring. And O'Quinn is now trying to ensure his teams make many more appearances in the Spring Fling with a tennis camp for children.
   The EHS Tennis Camp will take place at the Elizabethton High tennis courts on July 29-31 from 9 a.m. until noon each day.
   The cost of the camp is $25.00.
   O'Quinn is hoping to carry the momentum over from last year's successful season by introducing children in Elizabethton to the game of tennis.
   It's probably been awhile since EHS had a tennis camp, but O'Quinn and EHS athletic director Larry Alderson thought it was needed.
   "The is the first one I know of," O'Quinn said. "I talked to Coach Alderson, and he thought it was a good idea. Hopefully, we can generate a little more interest in tennis at Elizabethton High School."
   O'Quinn says that Alderson and school board member Catherine Armstrong played big roles in getting the camp started.
   "He was just as instrumental as anyone," O'Quinn said about Alderson. "It had also been mentioned by Ms. Armstrong. Coach Alderson ran it by me, and I thought it was a good idea."
   O'Quinn feels it's important to get kids interested in tennis before they get into high school. He thinks the younger they start, the better players Elizabethton will have.
   "The more interest you can generate in a sport, the better quality of players you will get," O'Quinn said. "We have to get elementary and junior high kids to start playing, so that when they get to high school they can be an asset to our team and can contribute right away."
   Members of the 2002 EHS tennis team will be on hand to instruct the children. The children will work on the basic fundamentals, like forehands, backhands and serving.
   O'Quinn says his players are looking forward to the camp.
   "We talked about doing a camp before the year was out," O'Quinn said. "They're excited about it. We want to get more people in our program, especially in the next couple of years."
   With this being the hottest time of the year, keeping the kids safe was on the mind of coach O'Quinn.
   O'Quinn's answer to that was to have the camp in the morning, before it gets real hot.
   "We don't want anybody to get overheated," O'Quinn said. "We wanted to get it done before the hot part of the day."
   The camp runs three days this year, but that could change in future summers.
   "We're going three days, because we didn't know how many people to expect," O'Quinn said. "If we get a good turnout, we might do a week long camp next year."
   For more information on the camp call Coach O'Quinn at 474-2483 or Coach Alderson at 547-8090.