Citizens, TNC Lawn Care, Cline-Holder secure wins

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor
Citizens Bank (11-6) defeated Kentucky Fried Chicken (7-9) 5-1 in Saturday's opening Carter County American Little League game at Jim Ensor Field.
The first inning would see no runs, but in the top of the second, KFC pitcher Dan Campbell walked CB's Jordan Taylor. Then Zack Naylor hit a grounder to second, and Taylor was caught out.
Justin Nave then struck out, but Naylor made a move for third, and off an error, was able to score a run. Josh Rasnick then struck out to close the inning.
The second and the third would be runless, but in the top of the fifth, KFC would tie it up. Nathan Presnell was hit by a pitch, then Alec Whitehead had the only hit of the game, toward center field for a single, and Presnell worked his way to third.
Jake Range then came to bat. Presnell would get caught out at home, but due to an error, the grounder turned into a triple, allowing Whitehead to run home.
CB wouldn't leave the game tied for long. In the bottom of the fifth, KFC's Campbell hit five batters, allowing CB to keep the bases loaded throughout most of the inning.
Rasnick, Derrick Wilson, Tyler Ballard and Jake Hubbard would get four unearned runs to bring the score to 5-1.
Presnell was replaced at the last batter by Whitehead, who struck out Tyler Matheson to close the inning. Presnell had 10 strikeouts when he was relieved.
CB's Taylor totaled seven walks and seven strikeouts for the game.
In the sixth, Jacob Hill and Justin Nave made a double play for CB that took out KFC's only two runners in the inning to secure the win.
"We didn't hit the ball very well but we still managed to get some people on base and score some runs," said Citizens head coach Mickey Taylor. "We played pretty well defensively, though. Jordan pitched really well."
Elizabethton Federal 1
TNC (16-0) are still undefeated after Elizabethton Federal (10-6) took a 3-1 loss in game two.
TNC's Justin Pierce pitched a good game with 11 strikeouts and five walks. Logan Shell had one walk and two strikeouts in three inning, and his relief, Brett Price, had no walks and four strikeouts for Elizabethton Federal.
There were no runs in the first and the second. In the top of the third, TNC's Kelly Rains knocked a grounder to the shortstop for a single. Frank Covarrubias then had a hit to left field for a single.
Justin Pierce followed with a grounder to third for a double. Rains was caught out at third before Tyler Jaynes hit a fly to left field for the second out, and Covarrubias worked his way home.
Knox Eryasa followed by knocking one past the shortstop for a single and a BI. Austin Nanney then came to bat, but Eryasa was out stealing third to close up the inning.
TNC's Jacob Hitchcock earned a run in the fourth off Joseph Wilson's hit to center field.
In the fifth, Eliz. Federal opened up with Billy Palmer's single hit to center field. Dustin Turbyfill was then walked. From there Brett Price hit a single to right field to load the bases. Cody Buckles then grounded one to first and Palmer was caught out at home. Aaron Mosley then knocked a grounder to first but was caught out.
Turbyfill sneaked in a run before Drew Singleton came to bat, hit a grounder to second and was called out at first.
"We beat a very well-coached ball team today," said TNC head coach Jerry Pierce. "I think Herman Price has done an outstanding job with those kids. I think we are lucky to stay undefeated.
"The boys work hard," he said. "They show up for practice. We lost one of the best 12-year-olds in the league to a broken arm and they have all seemed to pick their games up just a notch. I am proud of them today."
Cline-Holder 9
Summers-Taylor 3
Summers-Taylor opened up the game right, with a triple hit from Brian Hamby, and a run by the second batter.
But Cline-Holder also jumped off to an early lead, earning four runs off of one hit in the bottom of the first.
Cline-Holder's Brian Hamby had a ground ball to second for a single. Zach Boles then hit a fly to first, but it was caught out. Jordan Banner was walked, then Kyle Wash hit a double to right field for one RBI.
Logan Andrews then popped a fly to left field, but it was dropped, allowing Banner to come in. Colton Haun then walked, loading up the bases.
Christian Grissom then struck out, and Spencer Nave was walked behind him, allowing Wash to sneak in for a run. Travis Sommers next came up to bat, but never got to hit after Andrews was caught out trying to steal home plate. This gave CH a 7-1 lead.
Both teams would lock in two more runs each throughout the rest of the five and a half innings.
Summers-Taylor used three pitchers in the game. Parlier walked five and had one strikeout. Jaymon Wilson walked three and had two strikeouts. Danny Bales only pitched a half an inning, but struckout one.
Cline-Holder's Zach Boles pitched an outstanding game. He only walked one batter, allowed five hits and struck out 12 batters.
"I can't say enough about them," said Cline-Holder head coach Eric Haun. "They got ahead early. Zack Boles pitched a great game. We followed our way through. We had a great season."