Farm Bureau Twins spill SZ Red Sox

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

  The Carter County Farm Bureau Twins ran away with The Sports Zone Red Sox Tuesday night in a 24-12 domination.
  Both teams made some good connections with the ball, but the Twins defense kept the Sox at bay for the runaway lead.
  "I was really pleased with the way our team played," Twins coach Tom McNeil said. "The Red Sox played a real good game when we played them at the beginning of the year. They have improved a lot and will be a good team come tournament time. I am happy for them."
  The Red Sox made a slow start bringing in the runs, scoring only two runs in two innings. The Twins had a 6-2 lead going into the third.
  Jennifer Borden opened up for the Red Sox with a grounder to the short stop for a single. Katie Adams then bounced one to the mound and was caught out on first.
  Lyndsey Cunningham then rolled one past the shortstop for a single. Tiffany Shaw backed that up with the same hit, but opened the way for Borden to make it home.
  Emily White then had a good hit to left center field for a double and two RBIs. Whitney Cordon struckout, but Allison Williams backed her up by getting a solid single. Allison Austin then power knocked a grounder up the middle for an RBI. Whitney Bradley then rolled a grounder up to first and was tagged for the third out.
  With the score tied at 6-6, Katlyn Potter opened up the the bottom of the third with a double hit up the middle. Megan Hutchins and Kela Cox both hit solid singles to lead up the bases. Emily Holtsclaw then had a short hit for an RBI.
  Madison Boles knocks a grounder to the shortstop for a single for an RBI, but Cox was tagged out coming around to third. Jessica Brumit knocked in a single, as did Breanna Blevins, who paved the way for Holtsclaw to come in.
  Taylor Campbell then hit a single to the mound for two RBIs. Kelsey McNeil rolled one to third for an RBI, but Campbell was tagged at second. Whitney Roberts then had a single, but McNeil was also tagged at second.
  The Twins would have 14 more runs in the fourth and fifth innings, and the Red Sox could not overcome the strong lead.
  Brumit and Blevins both hit inside-the-park home runs for the Twins, and Brittany Anderson got a triple after her hit went dead center into the pitching machine.
  "The are playing really good," Red Sox coach Jim Byrd said. "They have improved 100 percent. Their hitting and fielding is a whole lot better. I am real proud of them."
  "Our team played a good, solid defense," McNeil said. "We got some good timely hits. It was a total team effort. I am pleased with how the team is hitting. We are looking for a good game come tournament next week."