Trophies turns triple play in loss   

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

  David's Trophies became the first team tee-ball team to record a triple play in Carter County League's history in the nightcap on Friday against David's Trophies.
  David's lost the game 15-2, but produced a record play that will be remembered. Dino's still remains undefeated for the season.
  Dino's opened up with a six-run start in the top of the first. Corey Smith, Brad Barker and Matthew Peters hit singles, but Smith was caught out at third. Eli Rasnick then hit one in the grass for an RBI. Caleb Buckles followed with a double, allowing Peters and Rasnick to come home.
   Preston Davis banged out a single before Issac Sturgill had a good hit for an RBI. Jaime Reece then hit a sacrifice, opening the door for Davis. Chase Stuigel and Smith were both good for singles, and Sturgill would earn a run before Stuigel was caught out at third.
  Abram Hill opened up the bottom of the first for David's with a double. Tyler Nichols then hit a triple for an RBI. Michael Nave then popped a fly out to third and was out, setting up Matthew Guy for a sacrifice RBI. From there Issac Hill then hit a grounder to the pitcher and was caught out at first.
   The score was 6-2 going into the second, but Dino's would earn the only run for a five-run lead.
  In the top of the third, Dino's Reece and Stuigel hit singles. Then Smith hit a fly ball out to the pitcher, and both Reece and Stuigel were caught off the bases. Dino's came out in the fourth with four more runs for a 15-2 win.
  "The boys are hitting better and they are fielding better," Dino's head coach Terry Barker said. "You have to remember that they are five, six and seven-year-old kids. It is tough for them to stay focused and do what they need to be doing, but they have a good time doing it. They have been lucky, too."
  Northeast Community Credit Union 15
  Mike's Auto Repair 13
  Northeast Credit Union squeaked out a two-run victory over Mike's Auto Repair in the opening game.
  Jake Danuser went first to bat for Mike's with a solid single. Logan Cannon hit a grounder to the pitcher, but was out at first. Slagle Shell then hit the ball past second for a single, but it opened the doors for Danuser to run in.
  Jacob Hillman and Austin King both hit for singles with King getting one RBI. Cody Pierce hit a grounder past first for a double that opened the way for Hillman to earn a run. Brandon Pierce then knocked a good hit to second, but caught out Cody coming in. Devon Baumgardner was then caught out at first after his hit.
  North's Jared Wiltshire opened up the bottom of the first with a good double. Kris Simmons doubled behind him for an RBI, then Cody Russell hit toward third for a single, but it caught Simmons out on third.
  Tyler Carrier following by knocking a grounder to the outer edge of the field for a double and an RBI. Leo Yates then backed that up with a solid double and two RBIs.
  Following the first out, Tyler Brewer rolled one to the shortstop for a single. Kirk Wright hit a single for an RBI but Brewer was out at second. Reno Hartley and Jared Withrow both hit for singles but were left stranded when Wiltshire became the last at bat and didn't bring them around.
  Mike's would come out in the top of the second with a 7-6 lead, but lost quickly with nine runs by Northeast in the bottom of the inning. Mike's came back with six in the third, but not enough to close the gap in time. Trey Hartley had an infield home run for three of those runs.
  "We have come a long way," Northeast head coach Shannon Carrier said. "We hit the ball good today."
  Watauga Lodge 16
  Climate Controller/FOP 7
  Both teams had two run start in the first. Austin Tyler Harrison started off the top of the second for Watauga Lodge with a single. Dayton Oliver backed it up with a double, Brent Parlier sacrificed his hit towards first but earned an RBI, and Chris Carpenter had a good hit for a single and an RBI.
  Timothy "T.J." Hicks went behind Carpenter with a double. Bryce Salo sent both of them home with his single. Logan Anders hit a single, then Dylan Richardson had a good hit for a double, opening the door for Salo.
  Dylan Kyte hit a single, but Anders was tagged out at home. Stephen "Jess" Arnold got an RBI off his double, but Hunter Nelson would get out on first for the third out.
  Climate Controllers opened up loading the bases after three solid singles by Jacob Houghton, Noah Lyons and Jacob Rash. Caleb Bowers knocked in the first runner with his single. Lucas Miller attempted to do the same thing, but Lyons was caught out at home.
  From there Kaleb Whitehead hit the ball to first, but was caught out. Hunter Vines hit another single for an RBI. Jay Rydbeck notched in the final two RBIs, but Justin Houghton was out at first.
  Watauga would turn their one-run lead into a nine-run lead in the top of the third for the victory.
   [Writers' note -- Watauga Lodge head coach Dan Park was pleased with his boys' performance but was also in a sentimental mood. Park shared the hometown of Dixon, Illinois with President Ronald Reagan and couldn't help but reflect upon it being the day of his funeral.]
  AdVANCEd Heat Pumps 15
  Campbell's Guttering 12
  Campbell's Bobby Davenport, Zackary Marley and Lance Peters all hit singles to open up the game, with Davenport earning the first run. Austin Anderson had a good hit, but Peters was caught out at second. Noah Hatfield then hit a single for an RBI.
  Triston Howell then hit one to first but was caught out. Mathew Poarch and Adam Lewis got the next two RBIs with singles. Caleb Allen loaded up the bases with his single, but Poarch was tagged out going home after Adam Morley's hit.
  Zeke Miller gave the AdVANCEd team a triple to start the bottom of the first. Caleb Appleby and Ronnie Hall both hit singles with Miller tacking on the first run.
  Seth Blevins and Caleb Morrell both had great hits for a double, a single and two RBIs combined. Michael Williams and Brandon Arney were both caught out at first with their hits, but Blevins got a run out of it. Gabriel Taylor hit a single for an RBI.
  Keelan Hall then reached out for a double. Ethan Eagleston then hit one in the middle but was caught out at first.
  Campbell's would earn five runs in the top of the second, but AdVANCE's seven in the bottom notch in the three run lead through the third and fourth innings.
  "It was a very tight game," AdVANCEd head coach Chris Hall said. "Both sets of boys played about the same. (Campbell's head coach) Richard (Davenport) has a great group kids. Every time we play each other it is a pretty close game. It could go either way."