Diamondbacks, Padres Twins on winning end

By Rebecca Pierson
Assistant Sports Editor

  Baughman Manufacturing Diamondbacks knocked over the wall on Crawford Drywall's Cardinals Saturday 20-3 at Elizabethton.
  In the top of the first, the Diamondbacks' Jessee Honeycutt had a hit to left-center field for a single. Alex Baughman then hit one of his two infield home runs to right center field for two runs.
  Andy Bowers had his fly ball caught out by the pitcher, then Justin Wandell hit a double to left-center field. Dawson Fair earned an RBI off his hit, but was caught out at first. Josh Saults also tacked an RBI off his single, but Daniel Adams bounced hit up to first and was out.
  The Cardinals' Aaron Akers hit a fly to the pitcher and was out to open up the bottom of the first. Zack Peters was good for a single. Clayton Smith then hit an infield home run to right field for two RBIs.
  Michael Wagner then singled, while both Tyler Hubbard and Chance Street both hit flys that were caught out.
  The Diamondbacks would score 16 runs to the Cardinals one in the remaining three innings. Jessee Honeycutt, Dawson Fair and Drew Holtsclaw also hit infield home runs for the Diamondbacks.
  "We hit everything the machine threw at us," Diamondbacks head coach Rick Baughman said. "Defensively, we played like we did all year. We are pretty sound defensively."
  Carter County Bank Padres 2
  Midway Furniture Warehouse's Yankees 1
  Had this been a pitching game, the pitching machine would have definitely won. The Yanks and the Padres played out a full seven innings in the afternoon sun, only for a late hit to save the day for Carter County Bank.
  That hit was the only hit of the game with the machine striking out batters 27 times.
  The Padres' Jerry Lunsford was the first to score in the bottom of the first with an infield home run down the right field line.
  In the top of the sixth, the Yankee's William Shaw got a run after a hit by Adam Bowers to the short stop drew the attention to first base, leaving the back door open.
  In the top of the seventh, the Lunsford hit a grounder to the shortstop for a single. Dylan McClellan then had his fly hit out by the short stop. Then Logan Laws finally took a hit off the machine into the left center field for a triple and the run needed to end the game.
  "I was beginning to think the machine was going to have a no hitter," Padres head coach Mark Laws said. "The hit came when we needed it. They did real good today."
  Randal Birchfield Twins 18
  Citizens Bank Rockies 0
  The Rockies had the same luck with the machines as did the Padres and Yankees with only one hit for the game. The Twins on the other hand, seemed to be agreeing with the machine for a solid five innings with six hits.
  The Twins Zach Norwood had one of his two infield home runs at the top of the first to bring in himself and Ben Goulds for the first two runs. He did it again in the second inning for two more runs. Debo Rouse and Colton Oakes also hit infield homers in the third and fourth respectively.
  The Rockies' Justin Carr hit a double in the bottom of the third to be the first of his team to make it safely to base. Jacob Woodby and Brandon Taylor both hit singles in the fourth and fifth.
  "My boys played real good," Twins head coach Donnie White. "They hit real solid today. The infield looked real good today defensively. My team has gotten better every time they get on the field. That is what I strive for. They get a little better every time they come out."