Rocky Top impressive in two wins

By Marvin Birchfield

   After making a clean sweep of the field and disposing of the trash from last season, the reigning champion of the open softball league, Rocky Top Carpet, was impressive in its bid for a possible repeat.
   Rocky Top walked away with the title last year, and with their double-header performance on Monday, the outlook for the team is promising.
   "We have a good team here, and all of them play good ball here," said Rocky Top manager Ab Harrison. "There's not much arguing going on, and things are going good and the umps are doing good."
   In the first contest, Rocky Top won a 20-5 outing over a collapsing Smokers outfit.
   The Smokers had little breathing room in the top of the first when Eddie Whitehead smacked a hit to the right-field fence to drive in Adam Buckles.
   Rocky Top wasted no time in showing its strength during the first frame by posting 12 runs, with the first two coming off a homer to right-center field from Rob Rogers, who brought home Mike Huff.
   Huff responded in his last attempt at bat with a three-run homer to center field.
   The Smokers troubles continued into the second frame when its third baseman came out with a bang to commit two errors.
   Four errors were made by the end of the inning, as a nice-looking hook and lateral play in the Smokers outfield allowed Huff to come home, making it 17-1 at that point.
   The Smokers has their best inning during the third frame, when they connected to score four runs.
   A sacrifice fly to left field from Chris Stevens scored the last run for the Smokers, with Chris Van Huss crossing the plate, but Rocky Top regained the advantage to put the contest in jeopardy after the third.
   Rocky Top acquired the game-ending run after a sacrifice to center field by Charles Byrd, scoring John "Hook" Crawford.
   The chances to keep the game alive in the top of the fourth was stifled when the Smokers ended up choking, leaving runners on third and first-base.
   "They're doing a good job here, but only if they'd hook up that scoreboard, then a man might be able too see it," said Harrison.
   Rocky Top 23
   Dogtown 3
   Their was no doubt which team would prevail on top in this contest, as Rocky Top turned the Dogtown into dog meat with a 23-3 whipping.
   Rocky Top jumped out to a 5-2 lead after the first frame when seven hits got the victory theme started.
   At the top of the charts was Rocky Top's Josh Cloyd, who dished out three number one singles along with a two-run homer coming in the third frame.
   There was no Motown to steal the spotlight from Rocky Top, but instead it was Dogtown, whose only award-winning act came from Curtis Vance, who ripped home-runs in the first and fourth frames.
   Whoever said "white man can't jump" apparently hasn't seen Cloyd out on the field, as he made a great leap to rob Dogtown of a hit in the bottom of the second.
   Rocky Top continued to hammer away in the fourth and fifth innings by scoring a combined 16 runs, as the Dogtown bunch couldn't find itself getting past the first verse of "wish that I was on old' Rocky Top."
   Street's Kitchen & Bathroom-15
   Dogtown- 11
   They say every dog has its day, but Monday just wasn't the day for the Dogtown, which lost its second game to Street's Kitchen and Bathroom 15-11.
   It was a much better-played game in Dogtown this time around, but it didn't take too long for the Street's to produce an overflow of runs.
   Street's grabbed the lead in the third frame when Matt Arnett connected on a double to score Brandon Campbell and Johnny Ollis.
   It wasn't until the fourth frame, though, when the Street's became flooded, as both the hits and the error of ways by Dogtown enabled Streets to score six runs.
   The main Street headed through Dogtown in the bottom of the sixth paved the way, when Jimmy Street blasted a triple to drive home Arnett and Mike Hyden.
   Street's had a 15-7 advantage heading into the final frame, and it looked like Dogtown might have a chance after the first four batters reached base.
   A pop-up by Daniel Kidd and drop from the second-baseman enabled Mark "Tater" Lewis to score, cutting the deficit to four.
   The hope, though, was soon over as a fly-out to right field ended the game and Dogtown was sent walking past the Street's with their tails between their legs in bitter defeat.
   Carr Logging 16
   Smokers 6
   One team was caught up in blowing smoke while another team was hauling a load in the Carr Logging victory over the Smokers.
   The Smokers enjoyed the early advantage when J.R. McAnich knocked a single to bring home Robert Casey for a 3-0 lead in the first frame.
   Carr Logging rallied in the second frame to score seven runs, with lead lumberjack Noel Church laying down the wood for two home runs on the night.
   The advantage by Carr remained throughout after the second frame and a double in the fifth from Mick Matheson sealed the game as John Johnson crossed the plate.